Challenge points - Leaderboard

This page displays the ranking of the players with the most points in the MKPC challenge mode [Read more].
Challenges are actions to perform in the game (Ex: "Complete a track in less than 1:30"). They are created by members thanks to the challenge editor. Anyone can create challenges, including you!
When you complete a challenge, you win a certain amount of challenge points depending on the difficulty of the challenge. Your position in the ranking is determined by your number of challenge points.
  • A challenge Easy gives you 1 pt.
  • A challenge Medium gives you 2 pts.
  • A challenge Difficult gives you 5 pts.
  • A challenge Extreme gives you 10 pts.
  • A challenge Impossible gives you 20 pts.


Place Nick Score
1st fr ByoT 2584
2nd ca Waluigi68 1156
3rd gb WUT_Infinite 1140
4th fr ZeKirio 1109
5th ca KoopaFan37 1017
6th gb CertiKumz 861
7th ca Veethan23 737
8th fr Neemo 728
9th ch MasterGobou764 690
10th fr Wargor 650
11th fr Conqueror 607
12th us Smed 483
13th fr Mbk76 475
14th fr Megawolf 402
15th skyboy 387
16th gb Red5pizza 379
17th fr Azoumix 310
18th ca Violetsnowsnaps 292
19th fr Anakin9867 263
20th PatateBoss 258
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