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This page displays the ranking of the players with the most points in the MKPC challenge mode [Read more].
Challenges are actions to perform in the game (Ex: "Complete a track in less than 1:30"). They are created by members thanks to the challenge editor. Anyone can create challenges, including you!
When you complete a challenge, you win a certain amount of challenge points depending on the difficulty of the challenge. Your position in the ranking is determined by your number of challenge points.
  • A challenge Easy gives you 1 pt.
  • A challenge Medium gives you 2 pts.
  • A challenge Difficult gives you 5 pts.
  • A challenge Extreme gives you 10 pts.
  • A challenge Impossible gives you 20 pts.


Place Nick Score
1st ae CM_Ahmad14 10384
2nd gr B_C 10303
3rd au ToxTurtle101 8917
4th fr RL_Gliscor 5147
5th fr DN_Blencher 4943
6th ca UVA_Veethan23 3131
7th us LuigiDawg 3021
8th fr yoshy2004 2367
9th ve UVA_RHcks 2331
10th fr Toad64 1855
11th us PITO_Enton 1706
12th gb CG_InfiNate 1703
13th fr Desti_FNAF 1634
14th fr ES_IlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIl 1605
15th us CG_AndyDTNT 1513
16th ca Waluigi68 1503
17th ca MKQ_Cosmicbrowniesfan 1415
18th fr Neemo 1060
19th us banana 1013
20th us Axel_X 946
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