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Messages 23 - Koopa Koopa
Hi everyone, I have a question for you. What's your MKPC favourite track? Because mine is:

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SNES: Mario Circuit 2
GBA: Broken Pier
DS: DK Pass

I hope you'll choose wisely.
Have a good day!
Messages 640 - Mario Mario
vs52765 pts ★ Titan
battle12480 pts ★ Champion
SNES: Choco Island 1 and Mario Circuit 2
GBA: Riverside Park, Bowser Castle 3, Broken Pier and Lakeside Park
Ds: Cheep Cheep Beach, Waluigi Pinball and Delfino Square
Messages 67 - Boo Boo
vs16470 pts ★ Master
battle6818 pts ★ Racer
SNES : Cirtuito Mario 2 y Ghost Valley 1 y 2
GBA : Shy Guy Beach y Zenda Arcoiris
DS : Waluigi Pinball, Wario Stadium y Airship Fortess
Messages 884 - Mario Mario
vs12021 pts ★ Champion
battle4970 pts ★ Budding pilot
SNES : Rainbow Road
GBA : Cheeseland, Sky Garden, Sunset Wilds, Ribbon Road
DS : Desert Hills, Shroom Ridge
Messages 759 - Mario Mario
vs28162 pts ★ Legend
battle6835 pts ★ Racer
SNES: Donut Plains 1 and Mario Circuit 4
GBA: Sky Garden
DS: Cheep Cheep Beach
Custom: Anything from RHcks and Toad64's MK8 remakes
Messages 662 - Mario Mario
vs100182 pts ★ Superstar
battle28943 pts ★ Legend
SNES : Mario Circuit 3 and Bowser Castle 2
GBA : Bowser Castle I , Riverside Park , Bowser Castle III and Lakeside Park
DS : Figure 8 Circuit , Cheep Cheep Beach , Delfino Square , Waluigi Pinball , and Wario Stadium
Messages 908 - Mario Mario
vs13198 pts ★ Champion
battle5283 pts ★ Novice
SNES : Route Arc-en-ciel

GBA : Jardin volant / Route Arcs-en-ciel

DS : Corniche Champignon et Circuit Mario
SNES : Rainbow Road

GBA : Sky Garden and Rainbow Road

DS : Shroom Ridge and Mario Circuit.

Messages 59 - Boo Boo
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battle5000 pts ★ Novice
United States
Choco Island 1, Mario Circuit 2, Cheese Land, Ribbon Road, Waluigi Pinball, and Airship Fortress.
Messages 21 - Koopa Koopa
vs7493 pts ★ Racer
battle5373 pts ★ Novice
United States
rainbow road (im not gonna specify)
Messages 442 - Metal Luigi Metal Luigi
vs30197 pts ★ Legend
battle12902 pts ★ Champion
Mario Circuit, Bowser Castle, Rainbow Road. Have fun guessing which ones!
Messages 37 - Koopa Koopa
vs10187 pts ★ Champion
battle5606 pts ★ Novice
none of them you know why?

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there flat so there dead inside
Messages 33 - Koopa Koopa
vs9641 pts ★ Expert
battle7747 pts ★ Racer
United States
My Top 3: Waluigi Pinball (best course ever!), DS Bowser's Castle and Airship Fortress! Yep, you can tell I like MKDS.
Messages 96 - Boo Boo
vs13019 pts ★ Champion
battle7706 pts ★ Racer
United Kingdom
SNES: Rainbow Road
GBA: Sky Garden
DS: Wario Stadium
Messages 96 - Boo Boo
vs13019 pts ★ Champion
battle7706 pts ★ Racer
United Kingdom
i really dont like ds, even the flat demakes
Messages 20 - Koopa Koopa
vs5510 pts ★ Novice
battle5000 pts ★ Novice
United States
Top 3: Airship Fortress, Sky Garden, Wario Stadium

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