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Favorite Mario Kart stage


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What is your favorite (official) Mario Kart track? You can chose more than one.
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MarioDome wrote:
What is your favorite (official) Mario Kart track? You can chose more than one.

N64 RR (MK8 remake), either that or Big Blue
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Mario Circuit 3 from the original Super Mario Kart on the SNES.
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I will be referring to the game they came from.

SNES: They all are bad, but if you forced me to pick one it would have to be Mario Circuits 2, 3 and 4, Rainbow Road is horrible and overrated asf (pretty much just MC3, DP3, BC2 and GV3 layout but straight and thin.

N64: Not a fan of these courses because either the layout is bad, long or the track is bland. Koopa Troopa Beach is the best one by a long way. Choco Mountain, royal raceway and mario's raceway next. (But rms are better)

GBA: MKSC may have been flat but had some decent layouts. Riverside and Lakeside Parks are good and somehow haven't been remade. But my favourite is Sky Garden mainly because the music.

GCN: Not baby park. Best tracks in this game imo was Rainbow Road, bowser castle and Yoshi Circuit. Also I like sherbet land, its not great but its definitely not the worst in the game.

Nitro: Pretty much Star Cup, I also like Cheep Cheep Beach but rm is better. Waluigi Pinball is above average but overrated asf and if you wanna hear me rant why just ask.
Retro: they all suck, if I had to choose it would be Sky Garden again

Nitro: Most tracks honestly, but mainly Koopa Cape, Maple Treeway, Grumble Volcano, Coconut Mall, Toads Factory and all of Special Cup
Retro: GBA Bowser Castle 3

Nitro: they are underwhelming, if I had to choose it would be Music Park/Melody Motorway, Piranha Plant Slide/Pipeway (unless ur Nate), and Rainbow Road (but I see why people dont like this one)
Retro: DS Airship Fortress and DK Pass, the Wii remakes were ruined except Coconut Mall

Nitro: again underwhelming, Ruinas Roca Picuda, Shy Guy Falls (only track that used anti gravity well) and Mount Wario are good
Retro: All of Lightning Cup, n64 royal raceway, ds cheep cheep beach
DLC: gcn Yoshi Circuit, both FZ0 tracks, Hyrule Circuit and gba Cheese Land, gba ribbon road was creative but the wavy part was annoying

Based on track design and my experience with the tracks

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