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Former WRs [9]

former #1 USA TT (Jan '22 - May '24)

zed, IL
United States
55 years old (Born on 11/02/1969)
Registered since 29/04/2021
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Thanks to Fways, I corrected a mistake that combined the WRs of James8 & Weby.

The total WR list is now:
1 Ahmad - 513
2 Infi - 483
3 Kirio - 291
4 JPG - 271
5 Hgt - 190
6 Fways - 110
7 Weby - 106
8 Serena - 84
9 Anthcny - 45
10 James8 - 26

Fways moves up to #6 on the total WR list, Weby is now at #7, and James8 is now at #10, with 26.
Messages 132 - Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle
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United States

HEAVILY inspired by https://mkwrs.com, https://www.mkleaderboards.com and other world record history preservation sites, I've made this google sheet as a way to preserve this game's history.

I've compiled all WR's since 2019 (and 4/4/20 for DS maps), and put them into a spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSDptHRcEBWxnPMRBusD25fpTiWoeQcF7ZCnGxzRFnKq8sE5aQdHv8X8NiouloRkIU58PZFX3mJ9B4S/pubhtml#.

I first arrived to this game in 2021, and less than 2 months after joining the community, I was curious about creating this WR history sheet. With the help of Wargor in October '23, I've been able to create this (in reality I started it then stopped then continued in june of this year). Huge credits to Wargor and another player, Kirio, as he did this with the old engine back in 2018. He also contributed to the sheet, so big thanks for that as well.

You may be asking, why not just use the WR history already featured on the site?
Spoiler [ShowHide]
Well, there's a few problems that I had with the current WR History. First, it's pretty difficult  to navigate the page, and I wanted there to be statistics about each track, similar to mkwrs (this is yet to be implemented on this sheet, but I hope to expand this in the future). Another reason why I made this independent sheet is to add WR videos for viewing, since (right now) you aren't able to view these old WRs. Now, the problem with this is that the WR's from 2019  won't have videos, but I'm hoping to start recording & uploading more of the new ones to YouTube so that in the future if players are curious about old WRs, they can simply click on the video in the sheet.

HELP/How to Navigate

To navigate through the sheet, simply click the different pages  at the top of the screen. Each page corresponds to a different cup. If you want to see some overall statistics about the WR's, find the "Stats" tab at the top. There, you will see who has the most WRs (Ahmad) and longest lasting WRs (JPG). More stats are on the way! To view the video of a run, press the white, underlined text. Most runs do not have recorded runs, but I'm hoping to start recording more of the new WRs.

If you have any questions/corrections to be made to this sheet, please reply to this topic or contact me on the MKPC Discord in the #tryhard channel. My discord username is blitzed_zed, so feel free to mention me if you have any suggestions.
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United States
there is a dude called fukeisrael online for heavens sake

hello :)

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