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How did you find out about Mario Kart PC?


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Messages 66 - Boo Boo
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I personally found out about Mario Kart PC by looking up, "Mario Kart Wii Unblocked" (Yes, I was on a Chromebook) and the first thing that popped up was this. So, how did YOU find out about Mario Kart PC?

Edit: I'm going to add a laughing reaction to this because I found this site on the Chromebook.
Messages 891 - Mario Mario
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I was bored and wanted to play Mario Kart but didn't feel like getting up and walking one foot over to my switch so I looked up "Free Mario Kart Online" and this came up
Messages 5205 - King Mario King Mario
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I found it from a youtube video by MarioPower555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
Messages 456 - Metal Luigi Metal Luigi
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I found it from a youtube video by MarioPower555

I think that might be 1 too many 5s 8)
Messages 5205 - King Mario King Mario
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TheOuchy1 wrote:
I found it from a youtube video by MarioPower555

I think that might be 1 too many 5s 8)

Sorry, put wrong amount of 5s. Is it better now (see original message)?
Messages 3807 - King Mario King Mario
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I found the link in someone's description on Scratch
Messages 3 - Goomba Goomba
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me personally i just searched up "mario kart online multiplayer pc" abt a few months ago and it was one of the top results.
Messages 961 - Mario Mario
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I’m had just searched up Mario online free and played a little of the original Mario bros game. I then decided to see if something similar existed for Mario kart, so I searched Mario Kart PC and obviously this is the first thing that showed up.
Messages 72 - Boo Boo
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I found out MKPC when i was searching up stuff on google (since i was bored) i googled "Mario kart for browser" to try to find a mario kart emulator for past mario kart games such as smk and mksc. Then i stumbled upon this website and then i tried the game out and i loved it and i have played ever since.
Messages 28 - Koopa Koopa
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I had previously watched content about Mario Kart  Wii CTGP Revolution (Custom Tracks) on YouTube (found it by searching for Mario Kart Wii, I think).
But I  have never played Mario Kart Wii online and it is rather complicated to install/arrange CTGP let alone to build custom tracks (losts of different programs).

So I ended up typing in something like "Mario KArt PC" on the internet (Bing, because of Edge) and found it. I was pleasently surprised with the track editor.
Messages 989 - Mario Mario
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I wanted to find a browser emulator for Mario Kart: Double Dash, and this was the only thing I could find without having to download anything.
Messages 9270 - King Mario King Mario
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It was during 2020's lockdown caused by the pandemic. I was really bored. I had books, and I had food, but that wasn't enough. So I searched PC Mario Kart games and I found this. I stayed on this website without creating an account for exactly 103 days, then I did create an account on 2020.06.27. That's very simple and not very interesting, but lol, I didn't get to choose an epic way to discover it.
Messages 439 - Metal Luigi Metal Luigi
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I was bored last summer and was looking for a good mario kart track builder and i found this beauty it had what i was looking for + even more
Messages 2119 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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My parents blocked Dolphin website, so I couldn't redownload it. I was really into Tour, but didn't want them to be able to shut me down immediately on mobile(Parental controls), so I looked for a way to play it on PC. Bluestacks was taking forever(probably also a virus but I didn't really care), so I kept scrolling, and well, here we are!
Messages 306 - Peach Peach
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i found it out from a friend
Messages 4526 - King Mario King Mario
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I searched Mario Kart PC, end of the story
Messages 918 - Mario Mario
My friends were playing it on the school chrome books. So I played it then forgot about it. A lot later (Don't know how long) I remembered the game and played it again, then I made an account at home and now I'm here.
Messages 1119 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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MarioPower55's video about Mario Kart Double Dash tracks in Different Mario Kart Games and found hoppingicon's tracks. W YouTuber and is underrated-ish
Messages 1756 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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I spent a few hours looking for "Mario Kart PC port" and eventually found this on page 3.
Messages 2131 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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United States
I have a slightly more unique story. Browsing the comments of a Scratch racing game I found that someone had recreated a few of the game's tracks in "Mario Kart PC". I wanted to know what that was so I clicked the link to one of the courses and here I am.

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