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What's Up? The (nick)name's MysteryMan. I love Mario Kart, but I love making Custom Tracks even more. Check out my MysteryMan Mario Kart and Mario Kart Complete Series'

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Toad-al Drama 3 & Knuckles
Mario Kart Arcade PC Remake
OC Revolution
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I just put 24 Mario characters in a BrantSteele Hunger Games simulator.
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How did DK win without killing anyone?
Messages 797 - Mario Mario
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MH_osc-omb wrote:
When is toadal drama cd

Never. This will be the only crossover season as far as I've planned. The next season will be based off a Mario game with all-new contestants.
If that was a joke, feel free to r/wooosh me.
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Here's Episode 3: Super Sonic Strikers + Daisy's Fury

Lakitu: Last time on Toad-al Drama 3 & Knuckles, The Heroes and The Sidekicks formed a Dude Pack, and the Ladies and the Tomboys formed a Girl Squad, leaving the few entertaining people to fend for themselves. After a misunderstanding of the rules of the first challenge, Yoshi and Knuckles were sent packing, making this season's title worth nothing now. Who will be eliminated tonight? Will it be a Mario character or a Sonic character? And which group of players is better at extreme soccer? Find out on Toad-al! Drama! 3! Minus Knuckles!
*intro plays*
Early in the morning, Birdo and Rouge sneak over to the castle to propose another counter alliance to Bowser and Eggman.
Birdo (confessional): Daisy flat out said, "I don't trust either of you." It's 4 vs. 4 right now, and 4 remain. If we make it a 4v4v4 competition, maybe the odds will be even again.
Rouge: Good morning, darlings. Can we borrow Eggman and Bowser of for just a minute?

Tails: Uhm, okay?
Birdo: You know, there are better ways to do that.
Rouge: But it worked. So, Bowser, Eggman, are you two aware that there are two four-person alliances right now?

Eggman: No.
Birdo: Well, now you do, and we're the only four who aren't in one of those groups. The only way to beat them is to join forces so it will be an even match again.
Bowser: I've played with you before. You only care about your own game, much like me. How do you know we're not all gonna stab each other in the back?
Rouge: If we all make the final four together, we split the money. How's that?
Bowser: Sounds like a plan.
Several hours later as the players are having breakfast, Daisy confronts Birdo.
Daisy: Where were you and Rouge last night?
Birdo: It wasn't very comfortable so we were sleeping on the beach.
Daisy: Well you came back in a few minutes later without a single grain of sand on you. Sticks? Can you give 'em a sniff test?
Sticks comes over and smells the two, and reveals the results.
Sticks: They were at the castle.
Daisy: You were sleeping with the boys?

Birdo: Yes- I mean no- I mean, we were there but only for a couple minutes.
Sticks: We'll be keeping an eye on you two.
Birdo (confessional): So this alliance isn't going as planned. But maybe I don't need one. Maybe I don't need a partner at all. I see this as a very big opportunity.
Amy: Baseball?
Daisy: If my thinking's correct, this is way more fun.
*a few minutes later*
Lakitu: Welcome players to today's sports-themed challenge. Today, you will play a game we like to call Strike! What is it? Imagine soccer with electric fences. What are the rules? There are none. This challenge will be Mario vs. Sonic. Since there are six in each group, and this is a 5v5 game, each group must sit somebody out. Who will they be?
Luigi and Rouge volunteer.
Lakitu: Everyone has chosen their positions. For Team Mario, Daisy and Bowser are playing offense, Mario and Peach are playing defense, and Birdo is the goalie.
Birdo: Why did you pick me again?
Daisy: Just so you have to stay in the same place.
Lakitu: For Team Sonic, Amy and the blue blur are playing offense, Tails and Eggman are playing defense, and Sticks is the goalie. 3... 2... 1... GO!
Daisy makes the first kick, and passes it to Bowser. He makes a bee line to the goal, shoving everyone on Team Sonic to the fences.
Amy: How is this allowed?
Lakitu: I normally try not to kill people but this is just too much fun.
Bowser scores the first goal, and within ten minutes, Team Mario is on a 4-0 winning streak. Because hardly anyone is on her side of the field, Birdo decides to take a look at what's happening on the sit-out bench.
Rouge: It's Luigi, right?
Luigi: Yep.
Rouge: Are you single?
Luigi: No.
Rouge: A man of few words. Most boys I've dated just would not shut up about anything. And also, you're kinda cute.
Luigi: Uh, thanks?
Rouge: My guess is that you're with that jerk Daisy. Have you seen the way she's been treating her so-called gal pal lately?
Luigi: Well...
Rouge: I will never treat you like that.
Rouge leans in and kisses Luigi on the lips while Birdo looks in horror. The ball is then shot into her goal.
Daisy: What the heck was that, Birdo? You had one easy job and you blew it!
Birdo: I can explain.
Daisy: What was so important over there that you had to let them break our streak?
Birdo: I'll explain it at dinner.
Daisy: You'd better.
Rouge (confessional): I never wanted to get together with that lanky plumber boy. I was just using him to cause artificial drama to keep the target off of me. This face wasn't made for nothing.
Lakitu: The score is now 4-1. It's still in Team Mario's favor, but Team Sonic could make a comeback. It's time to make this game a little more interesting.
Lakitu proceeds to throw Bob-Ombs onto the field.
Bowser: Now we're talking.
Sonic trys to speed his way through the traps, but gets blown up numerous times. Bowser steals the ball and scores another goal for Team Mario.
Lakitu: And time is up! Team Mario wins 5-1! As the winners, you must pick an MVP.
The team agrees on Daisy.
Mario: She was kind of our team captain. And we'd hate to admit that you were the best.
Bowser (confessional): Every season, I get robbed, AND I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!
Lakitu: Daisy, you are safe from elimination tonight. Marine-
Everyone: Sticks!
Lakitu: Since you're Daisy's partner, you are also safe. And tonight, everyone can vote for anyone.
*a few minutes later*
Daisy: What did you see?
Birdo: Rouge kissed your man.
Daisy: SHE WHAT?
Birdo: You heard me. And I'm sure she's proud of it.
Daisy: Is this true, Rouge?
Rouge: Actually, it was Luigi who kissed me. Apparently, you're too loud and hyper for him.
Daisy storms over to the boys' side of the dining hall to ask for Luigi's side.
Daisy: Tell me right now! Who kissed who?
Luigi: R-R-Rouge.
Daisy: Thought so.
Daisy (confessional): Luigi always confesses if he's intimidated by me. That's why I trust him so much.

Birdo: I told you she was dangerous.
Sticks: Uhm, Daisy, can we talk, away from the others?
Sticks takes Daisy outside to tell her about her new theory.
Sticks: At the start of the game, the host said that if you're left without a partner, you'll be safe the next round. I find it kinda odd that Birdo would be targeting her own partner, especially after the news of a third alliance.
Daisy: What are you trying to say?
Sticks: She's trying to beat the system. If she votes off her partner, waits for a new one, and then votes them off, she'll be safe for the entire game without doing anything.
Daisy: You're crazy.
Sticks: Wait until we're at the final seven, and she's still in. Then we'll see who's the crazy one.

*later that night*
Lakitu: Welcome to the Boss Fight, where everyone is both a player and a boss trying to defeat each other. You have already voted, so I'm going to explain how this works. Everyone who is safe will get a symbol, a Power Star for Team Mario, and a Chaos Emerald for Team Sonic. Whoever doesn't get one will have to take the Warp of Shame. The first symbols go to Daisy and Sticks... Peach... Amy... Mario... Sonic... Tails... Eggman... Bowser... and Luigi. This leaves our bottom two, Birdo and Rouge. The final symbol goes to......... Birdo.
Birdo: The gem-a-holic doesn't get an Emerald. Sucks to be you.
A Ring Portal appears in front of Rouge, who flies through it, making sure she looks good for the audience while doing it.
Lakitu: And that concludes another epic episode. Which Mario character will be eliminated next? Is Marine's theory true? And why did Rouge leave just as I was beginning to like her? Find out on the next episode of Toad-al! Drama! 3! & The Ghost of Knuckles!

That was a lot longer than I wanted, and remind me to stop trying to write action-packed sports challenges.

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