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Time Trial - Global ranking

This page shows a leaderboard of top players in time trial.
This leaderboard is based on a score calculation which depends on your rank on each circuit. See this topic for further info.



Place Username Score Details
1st es JPG 502 Preview
2nd ae BFDI_Ahmad16 472 Preview
3rd ph Hgt 458 Preview
4th fr Fways 456 Preview
5th fr Anthcny 454 Preview
6th jp Zenko 454 Preview
7th ch Mudky 450 Preview
8th gb InfiMK 448 Preview
9th us z_zzz 448 Preview
10th jp TaiHashi 448 Preview
11th gb TheNudgyHampter 448 Preview
12th us Dream 448 Preview
13th gb Xx-Pixel-xX 447 Preview
14th mx ImJustMexican 447 Preview
15th fr Nodac64 447 Preview
16th fr Stealth 446 Preview
17th pl sonnenrad 444 Preview
18th es pandemolde94 443 Preview
19th es Toad_Alpha 431 Preview
20th jp Magical 431 Preview
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