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Time Trial - Global ranking

This page shows a leaderboard of top players in time trial.
This leaderboard is based on a score calculation which depends on your rank on each circuit. See this topic for further info.



Place Nick Score Details
1st ae 39_Ahmad2007 521 Preview
2nd it Scoiattolo_avido_no_identifico 403 Preview
3rd ca FA_PoutineEmpire 332 Preview
4th us dedmenwalk 318 Preview
5th fr Jk 248 Preview
6th fr Fways 226 Preview
7th jp Acronix 193 Preview
8th fr Glisc0r 158 Preview
9th gb InfiMK 150 Preview
10th us traitor 142 Preview
11th fr Toad99 140 Preview
12th es Jotapege 116 Preview
13th us NoahMkPc 113 Preview
14th de NitroraptorXTS 112 Preview
15th ph lorriee 99 Preview
16th no eddiekoPp 92 Preview
17th ch CH_Mudky 81 Preview
18th us MarioDude2 77 Preview
19th do CG_Tresjx 74 Preview
20th au BowserJr03 69 Preview
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