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Time Trial - Global ranking

This page shows a leaderboard of top players in time trial.
This leaderboard is based on a score calculation which depends on your rank on each circuit. See this topic for further info.



Place Nick Score Details
1st ae AN_Ahmadoe 520 Preview
2nd it DN_DrakeZero 373 Preview
3rd ca FA_PoutineEmpire 334 Preview
4th fr SAH_nina 190 Preview
5th us SAH_AndyDTNT 171 Preview
6th fr Zadie 171 Preview
7th fr CH_aud 136 Preview
8th mk Ashes_On_The_Fire 117 Preview
9th fr Gliscor_F4N 81 Preview
10th es SAH_jaja 67 Preview
11th ch CH_Wario 64 Preview
12th de NitroraptorXTS 64 Preview
13th ve FA_PetPuant 55 Preview
14th fr misete 54 Preview
15th do CG_Tresjx 50 Preview
16th au RRP_ToxTurtle101 49 Preview
17th fr Toad99 47 Preview
18th us bow 40 Preview
19th jp koro 31 Preview
20th ph Hgt 30 Preview
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