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custom track help please


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Messages 50 - Boo Boo
vs5825 pts ★ Novice
battle5000 pts ★ Novice
United States
so, i use JS.paint to make my mario kart custom tracks, should i use something else?
Messages 26 - Koopa Koopa
vs22291 pts ★ Legend
battle8527 pts ★ Expert
United States
i have paint.NET
Messages 738 - Mario Mario
vs59421 pts ★ Titan
battle12814 pts ★ Champion
i use paint.net
Messages 2590 - King Mario King Mario
I advise you to take paint.net for the tracks.
Messages 1245 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
vs5724 pts ★ Novice
battle4981 pts ★ Budding pilot
im use paint 3d

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