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Description :

Well im Back but trying to become better than before
#4th NA
#2nd USA(former champion for 3 years)
#12th WW
I lost so much skill level By Becoming Inactive alot

Also GGs to @USA-Proudster. You deserve it

I love using daisy in every mk game

United States
16 years old (Born on 03/07/2007)
Registered since 13/02/2020
Last connection: 28/09/2023
Validator of challenges
Mario Kart World Cup 2021 : Correct winner (Tour) - United States

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Messages 3307 - King Mario King Mario
vs65170 pts ★ Titan
battle13138 pts ★ Champion
United States
Hello my name is army i am 16 years old my discord is swordofarmy

I have been around this site for almost 4 years now and i am currently a moderator of a very big server.

The reason why i want to become a moderator is because recently it has been drama around the forums and toxic behavior and i feel like that i can stop it.  Mkpc is a site where everyone can communicate and feel as welcome as they need to. No one should ever feel left out of this community because everyone (new members or former) can make a difference im this community and stand out. Even though i have been busy with irl things, i can still check in on this community and i want this community to grow rapidly and have alot of members
Messages 3307 - King Mario King Mario
vs65170 pts ★ Titan
battle13138 pts ★ Champion
United States
Proudster wrote:
guys make him lose the ranks in online

I have 113000 vr and it's hard to get alot if high ranked so I'm fine for a while but nice joke though did get me lol
bruh i want you to keep your 1st rank in your country
Messages 3307 - King Mario King Mario
vs65170 pts ★ Titan
battle13138 pts ★ Champion
United States
StayC wrote:
Poochy wrote:
I saw a YouTube video who was talking about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe World Record, and someone called “Army” did a World Record on Daisy Cruiser as DAISY.
There are many proofs that make me think that it’s the MKPC member, but I’m not really sure.
Do you think that person could be Army ?

He confirmed a few times that he was just a fan

First off, i was being sarcastic reply to mudky’s question. And second i never realized that it was another player named army at first. It was just a coincidence

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