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Hi, everyone. This topic will be the place where I post episodes of the upcoming third season of Toad-al Drama, where Mario and Sonic will cross over. For those of you who didn't read the cast reveal on my Toad-al Drama Odyssey topic, here is the cast for this season.
Princess Peach
Princess Daisy
Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles "Tails" Prower
Amy Rose
Knuckles the Echidna
Dr. Eggman
Rouge the Bat
Sticks the Badger
This season will work similarly to Total Drama Action, but instead of movies, it's video games. The season will also feature a brand new pair format. One Mario character will form a pair with one Sonic character. Every elimination will alternate between franchises. Once somebody is eliminated, their partner will be safe until somebody from the other franchise is left on their own, and the two form a new pair. To avoid running out of ideas and stopping the season midway, I'll plan out challenges before I write the first episode.
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So This Side Is The Blonde Squad And The Other Side Is The Music Notes
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I already typed up most of the challenges I might use. (Some of them were taken from/inspired by Total Drama Action.) But I'm not writing the first episode yet because I want to find ways for the Mario and Sonic characters to interact with each other without it feeling forced. Do any of you have any ideas? If it matters, here are the pairs for the first round.
Spoiler [ShowHide]
The Heroes: Mario/Sonic
The Sidekicks: Luigi/Tails
The Ladies: Peach/Amy
The Villains: Bowser/Eggman
The Flirts: Birdo/Rouge
The Tomboys: Daisy/Sticks
The Others: Yoshi/Knuckles

I also have a boot order already set up, so some ideas may not be brought over to the final thing.
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Episode 1 will premiere tomorrow. I didn't realize until I finished writing it just how horrible of a job I did at picking the cast, but I'll make due with what I have, especially since I already have a boot order. Last season, I had so many ideas for the actual drama, but little to no ideas for the challenges, so I think this season I'll focus more on the drama itself, with the challenges as an additional bonus. I also have a prediction series planned, where people try to correctly predict the next player(s) eliminated, with whoever getting the most correct being able to submit their own original character for a future season. Yeah, there's a lot going on. I just hope all these features make up for the lackluster cast I created.
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holy crap they got knuckles in this series?
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Yep, can't wait!
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It's time for the Season Premiere: When Worlds Collide

Lakitu: Last season on Toad-al Drama; The twelve campers from season 1 competed in a race around the world for an even bigger cash prize of 10 million coins. But they weren't alone. Wario, Waluigi, and Boshi also joined in. After a battle between two alliances, in the end, Mario beat Boshi to the punch. And somehow, only the first five episodes made it onto TV. Now, seven of the contestants have been told to report to PORTALS Arcade, where they will compete in an epic crossover competition with characters from another universe: Sonic Boom. How will the different contestants interact? How will they react to a new format? And who will take home another million coins? Find out on Toad-al! Drama! 3! & Knuckles!
*intro plays*
The Mario characters step off a bus and meet Lakitu.
Lakitu: Returning from the last two seasons, we have Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Birdo, and Daisy. Welcome to Toad-al Drama season 3. It's time to meet your competition.
Another bus arrives, carrying seven brand new contestants.
Lakitu: Here from another universe, we have Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, and Marine.
Sticks: It's Sticks.
Yoshi (confessional): YES! I've watched every episode of Sonic Boom, so I know these people like the back of my paw. I know I've already won before, but it would be so cool if I won competing against one of these guys.
Rouge: You forgot someone.
Lakitu: We also have Rouge for some reason. Anyway, this season, you will be split into pairs combining a Mario character with a Sonic character. Every elimination will alternate between the two universes, and when somebody goes home, their partner will be safe from the next elimination until someone from the other universe joins them, forming a new pair. Here are the starting teams: Mario, Sonic, you are The Heroes.
Tails (confessional): I know Sonic's more popular than I am, but I'm pretty sure at least half of us are heroes.
Lakitu: Luigi, Tails, you are The Sidekicks.
Tails: Knew it.
Lakitu: Peach, Amy, you are The Ladies. Bowser, Eggman, you are The Villains. Birdo, Rouge, you are The Chicks. Finally, Daisy, Marine-
Team Sonic, Yoshi: Sticks.
Lakitu: Whatever, the two of you are The Tomboys.
Yoshi: You forgot Knux and I.
Lakitu: No I didn't, uhm... the thing you have in common is... nothing, so you are The... uhm... Others. You're The Others.
Yoshi and Knuckles give Lakitu a disappointed stare.
Lakitu: Yes, I forgot you, but you have a team name now, okay? Now onto the challenges. As you can see, this arcade is littered with portals to other worlds. Every challenge will take place in one of those worlds, and will be inspired by a video game genre. The first one is horror. If you would just step through the portal right in front of you.
A few seconds later, everyone lands in a dark room with complete nothingness.
Lakitu: This first challenge will be between the men and the women. Each team will need to select a killer. The killers will then have to take out members of the other team in a game of Hide and Seek using red-painted paintball guns. Last team standing wins the choice of where they will stay for the remainder of the competition. Women, since you're down in numbers, Rosalina and Blaze will join you as temporary players.
Lakitu: Sure, make Blaze the helper and Rouge the actual contestant. I really need to hire a better casting department.
The teams select their killers, and everyone scatters. Yoshi and Tails decide to stick together.
Yoshi: Must feel pretty bad just being a sidekick. I've seen you kick Eggman's butt several times, and-
Tails: Thanks, but can we talk about this later?
Yoshi: Why?
Tails points his flashlight at the wall and sees... absolutely nothing.
Tails: What the... I thought for sure there was someone there.
Somebody then shoots Tails from behind. Terrified, Yoshi runs away screaming.
Knuckles walks around the room, looking for the perfect time to strike. He then comes across Sticks. He tries to pull out his paintball gun, but he can't find it.
Sticks: Has it ever occured to you that maybe you're not the killer?
Knuckles: Oh.
Sticks: Wanna know something else?
Knuckles: What?
Sticks: I am.
Sticks shoots Knuckles, and the score is 7-5 in favor of the girls.
Knuckles (confessional): I thought everyone was the killer.
Meanwhile, Sonic and the Mario Bros are huddled up in a corner.
Sonic: Why are we doing this again?
Luigi: Nobody will look here. It's a pretty big room.
Sonic speeds off, and is immediately shot.
Sonic: Why did I do that?
Yoshi, still running for his life, meets up with a foursome of Peach, Daisy, Amy, and Blaze. He then screams and runs the other direction.
Daisy: Well, we know he's not the killer.
Amy: We can rule out him now. That leaves... Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Eggman.
Blaze: Always suspect the villains.
Amy crosses Mario and Luigi off her list.
Amy: Thanks, Blaze. Look out for these two.

Bowser: Why wasn't I chosen as the killer. All I have to do is stomp them, and they'll be dead for real.
Eggman: Why are you following me?
Bowser: Edgar said that if you go off sneaking on your own, you're automatically "sus." Don't ask me what that means.
Eggman: Who's Edgar?
Bowser: His first name is Larry. I call him and We- I mean Orlean by their middle names now as punishment for betraying me last season.
Eggman (confessional): I've had my goofy moments, but my teammate is even crazier than Sticks.

Sticks jumps in front of the duo and shoots Bowser.
Eggman: Thanks!
Lakitu: The score is now 7-4 in favor of the girls! And just so the teams know, the killers are Eggman and Marine. I KNOW YOUR NAME! STOP ACTING LIKE I DON'T!
Sticks (confessional): This is getting old... WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CAMERAS?
Amy: I knew it was one of The Villains.
Daisy: You mean Blaze knew? And where's Rosalina?
Lakitu: The score is now 6-4.
Daisy: Ah.
*a few hours later*
Yoshi is still running and screaming.
Sticks: I'm right here, geez.
Sticks shoots Yoshi, bringing the score to 1-1.
Lakitu: It's now Mario vs. Daisy. Who will be the last one standing?
Eggman comes across Daisy, and just as he's about to shoot her, Daisy knocks him out. Right after, Sticks shoots Mario.
Lakitu: And the women win the first challenge! As a reward, you have a choice on where you will sleep for the rest of the competition: A replica of Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64, or a beach house from Sonic Boom.
Daisy: As a princess, I need a change of scenery.
Amy: All in favor of the beach house say "Aye."
Girls: Aye!
Lakitu: This time, nobody went home, and next time, a whole pair will go. Who will it be? Will there be cross-universe drama? And why the hell did the casting department only look in the Sonic Boom universe? Nobody watches that show anymore. But those first two questions will be answered on the next episode of Toad-al! Drama! 3! & Knuckles!

Who will be the unlucky pair being eliminated? Send in your prediction now.
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Sorry I haven't been posting lately. My week's been so busy that I haven't had time to write new episodes. The season will hopefully be finished by January. I've also decided to shut down the prediction series and just let anyone submit a character, due to my OC Revolution Project.
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Here's Episode 2: Red Chef Redemption

Lakitu: Last time on Toad-al Drama 3 & Knuckles; Two universes collided, and a game of Hide and Seek led to the women claiming victory. The players also learned about a new pair format that's sure to shake up the game. Today, one pair will be eliminated from the competition before any vote-outs take place. Who will be eliminated? Will Yoshi keep geeking out? And will Marine ever learn her own name? Find out on another exciting episode of Toad-al! Drama! 3! & Knuckles!
*intro plays*
Right outside of the castle, Mario proposes an alliance with Sonic, Luigi, and Tails.
Mario: How would you feel about forming a pack? The Heroes and The Sidekicks will play for themselves and each other. If Sonic and I win, I promise Luigi and Tails will be safe. Do you promise the same for us?
Luigi: Of course, bro.
Sonic: There's just one problem. The only real threat would be that turtle monster, Bowser.
Luigi: Remember that pink dino creature from the horror challenge? The one with the really weird snout?
Sonic: Yeah.
Luigi: She's quite friendly in real life, but in this game, she's a backstabber. She even blindsided me in season 1. I'm sure Rouge would do it too.
Tails: If it's for a million rings, she'll snatch it up however she can.

Mario: So it's Bowser, then Birdo, then Rouge, got it?
Luigi, Sonic, Tails: Got it.
Mario (confessional): Yes! First alliance of the season!
Meanwhile, Yoshi is keeping the others up by telling them his strange shipping habits.
Yoshi: I don't really support Sonamy. It's fine in Sonic Boom I guess, but in the games, she's crazy for him, and he couldn't care less. I'm more of a Sonally guy.
And why the heck does everyone ship Knuckles and Rouge while also shipping Rouge with Shadow? Pick a man for her.

Bowser (confessional): It was kinda cute at first, but then after about five minutes, it started getting old. Like, who cares about Tails and Sticks?
Yoshi (confessional): Has nobody here ever heard of "opposites attract?"
Bowser: I'm giving you a choice, Yoshi. Either shut up, or get voted out.
Yoshi: It's probably just excitement. It should wear off by the end of the day.
Knuckles: Yeah, relax, he's just a kid. He can ship whatever toys he wants to his house. I just wonder why they always have to come in twos?
That morning while having breakfast, Sticks notices the Dude Pack talking from across the room.
Peach: You okay?
Sticks: I have my suspicions that those four over there are planning out their entire game.
Daisy: This early? You're crazy.
Sticks: Everyone knows that nobody will vote for the four most popular and likeable people.
Amy: As crazy as she sounds right now, she's normally right on these types of things. Maybe The Ladies and The Tomboys could form a counter alliance.
Birdo: What about Rouge and I?
Daisy: No offense, but we don't trust either of you.
*a few minutes later*
Lakitu: Welcome players to your first pair challenge. Normally, one pair would be safe while everyone votes for a single player, but today, a whole pair will go home. Here's how the challenge works. There are seven banks in this area. Each pair will have to rob one, and then race back here.
Sonic: That's it? We can do it in our sleep.
Lakitu: While avoiding Chef Guy's forces?
Tails: Who's Chef Guy?
Chef Guy and twelve other Shy Guys come riding in on horses, armed with cork guns.
Lakitu: Last pair to arrive will automatically be eliminated.
Yoshi: Uhm, I think you confused western games with western movies. You see, games normally focus on-
Lakitu: And I started caring when, exactly? Go!
Sonic dashed to the nearest bank, dragging Mario on the ground behind him.
Sonic: Put the money in the hat, I don't have all day.
A Toad gives The Heroes a thousand coins. As soon as Mario gets back up, Sonic drags him back to the starting point with barely a scratch.
Lakitu: Fifteen seconds. The Heroes are safe!
The other pairs find the remaining banks. Yoshi swallows the bag, and tells Knuckles to get on his back. He then gets crushed.
Yoshi: Uhm, on second thought, we should both run.
Chef Guy: Well, well, well, if it's not the two newest criminals on the wanted list?
Yoshi: How are there already wanted posters? We just robbed it like seven seconds ago.
In a mad dash back to the starts, The Others get shot, and Knuckles drops the egg that the bag was in.
Knuckles: Do we need to bring that back?
Yoshi: I think we do... but there were only seven banks... maybe the one we stopped at restocked.

High above them, Tails and Rouge carried their partners to the finish.
Yoshi: Cash or no cash, we gotta get back.
Charging towards them were The Villains.
Yoshi: And fast.
Yoshi and Knuckles start running empty handed. Meanwhile, Peach is struggling to negotiate with one of the bankers.
Peach: I have a diamond necklace at home that I can give to you after the show. How does that sound.
Amy: It's a robbery, Peach, not a flea market. I GOT A HAMMER AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!

Another Toad gives Amy two thousand-coin bags.
Amy: And that's how it's done. Now hurry! The others are ahead of us.
Peach: Those Others?
They see Yoshi and Knuckles running back.
Yoshi: They gave you TWO bags?
Amy: What are you doing here again?
*an hour ago*
Out of breath, the Others slowly get back to the start.
Lakitu: Where are the coins?
Knuckles: We needed to bring them back?
Yoshi: You never said that.

*back to present*
Yoshi snatches Amy's second bag, and the two pairs go head-to-head in a race back to the start.
Lakitu: Oooh, this is a close one.
After a photo finish, Lakitu reveals the results.
Lakitu: This is the closest matchup we've ever had on this show, but the pair going home is......... The Others.
Peach: Yes!
Yoshi: Guys, I swear, it was gonna wear off.
Knuckles: Oh well, we had a good run.
Yoshi: We sure did. Hey, if there's any way we can meet up when we get back home-

Lakitu: Enough chit-chat.
Two warp pipes grow out of the ground. The red one is for Mario characters, and the blue one is for Sonic characters.
Lakitu: It's time for you to take the Warp of Shame.
Yoshi: Warp of Shame? More like the-
Sonic: Warp of Lame.
Lakitu: It was either that, or we sent a Goomba to take away a life. As for the viewers at home... next time, we'll see our very first vote-off. Will the first elimination be a Mario character, or a Sonic character? Can the Girl Squad beet the Dude Pack? And has Bowser gotten over his betrayal yet? Probably not. Find out on the next episode of Toad-al! Drama! 3! &... wait, Knuckles isn't here anymore.
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I want to post the next episode tomorrow, but I haven't seen a lot of activity on this topic. It only has two followers, and I'm not getting a lot of comments. I just wanna know, are you still interested? I still am, I have a lot of drama in my head, but like... what's the point if no one's gonna read it? If this is the case, I understand why, especially with the cancellation of TDO and the long gap between the first two episodes.
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MysteryMan wrote:
I want to post the next episode tomorrow, but I haven't seen a lot of activity on this topic. It only has two followers, and I'm not getting a lot of comments. I just wanna know, are you still interested? I still am, I have a lot of drama in my head, but like... what's the point if no one's gonna read it? If this is the case, I understand why, especially with the cancellation of TDO and the long gap between the first two episodes.

I still read it, just don’t really have anything to say about it (well Other the fact that the first elimination was sad :()
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I actually like it, and I don't think you should post a fanfic or not depending on if there is anyone reading
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Episode 3 is coming tomorrow! :D
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Here's Episode 3: Super Sonic Strikers + Daisy's Fury

Lakitu: Last time on Toad-al Drama 3 & Knuckles, The Heroes and The Sidekicks formed a Dude Pack, and the Ladies and the Tomboys formed a Girl Squad, leaving the few entertaining people to fend for themselves. After a misunderstanding of the rules of the first challenge, Yoshi and Knuckles were sent packing, making this season's title worth nothing now. Who will be eliminated tonight? Will it be a Mario character or a Sonic character? And which group of players is better at extreme soccer? Find out on Toad-al! Drama! 3! Minus Knuckles!
*intro plays*
Early in the morning, Birdo and Rouge sneak over to the castle to propose another counter alliance to Bowser and Eggman.
Birdo (confessional): Daisy flat out said, "I don't trust either of you." It's 4 vs. 4 right now, and 4 remain. If we make it a 4v4v4 competition, maybe the odds will be even again.
Rouge: Good morning, darlings. Can we borrow Eggman and Bowser of for just a minute?

Tails: Uhm, okay?
Birdo: You know, there are better ways to do that.
Rouge: But it worked. So, Bowser, Eggman, are you two aware that there are two four-person alliances right now?

Eggman: No.
Birdo: Well, now you do, and we're the only four who aren't in one of those groups. The only way to beat them is to join forces so it will be an even match again.
Bowser: I've played with you before. You only care about your own game, much like me. How do you know we're not all gonna stab each other in the back?
Rouge: If we all make the final four together, we split the money. How's that?
Bowser: Sounds like a plan.
Several hours later as the players are having breakfast, Daisy confronts Birdo.
Daisy: Where were you and Rouge last night?
Birdo: It wasn't very comfortable so we were sleeping on the beach.
Daisy: Well you came back in a few minutes later without a single grain of sand on you. Sticks? Can you give 'em a sniff test?
Sticks comes over and smells the two, and reveals the results.
Sticks: They were at the castle.
Daisy: You were sleeping with the boys?

Birdo: Yes- I mean no- I mean, we were there but only for a couple minutes.
Sticks: We'll be keeping an eye on you two.
Birdo (confessional): So this alliance isn't going as planned. But maybe I don't need one. Maybe I don't need a partner at all. I see this as a very big opportunity.
Amy: Baseball?
Daisy: If my thinking's correct, this is way more fun.
*a few minutes later*
Lakitu: Welcome players to today's sports-themed challenge. Today, you will play a game we like to call Strike! What is it? Imagine soccer with electric fences. What are the rules? There are none. This challenge will be Mario vs. Sonic. Since there are six in each group, and this is a 5v5 game, each group must sit somebody out. Who will they be?
Luigi and Rouge volunteer.
Lakitu: Everyone has chosen their positions. For Team Mario, Daisy and Bowser are playing offense, Mario and Peach are playing defense, and Birdo is the goalie.
Birdo: Why did you pick me again?
Daisy: Just so you have to stay in the same place.
Lakitu: For Team Sonic, Amy and the blue blur are playing offense, Tails and Eggman are playing defense, and Sticks is the goalie. 3... 2... 1... GO!
Daisy makes the first kick, and passes it to Bowser. He makes a bee line to the goal, shoving everyone on Team Sonic to the fences.
Amy: How is this allowed?
Lakitu: I normally try not to kill people but this is just too much fun.
Bowser scores the first goal, and within ten minutes, Team Mario is on a 4-0 winning streak. Because hardly anyone is on her side of the field, Birdo decides to take a look at what's happening on the sit-out bench.
Rouge: It's Luigi, right?
Luigi: Yep.
Rouge: Are you single?
Luigi: No.
Rouge: A man of few words. Most boys I've dated just would not shut up about anything. And also, you're kinda cute.
Luigi: Uh, thanks?
Rouge: My guess is that you're with that jerk Daisy. Have you seen the way she's been treating her so-called gal pal lately?
Luigi: Well...
Rouge: I will never treat you like that.
Rouge leans in and kisses Luigi on the lips while Birdo looks in horror. The ball is then shot into her goal.
Daisy: What the heck was that, Birdo? You had one easy job and you blew it!
Birdo: I can explain.
Daisy: What was so important over there that you had to let them break our streak?
Birdo: I'll explain it at dinner.
Daisy: You'd better.
Rouge (confessional): I never wanted to get together with that lanky plumber boy. I was just using him to cause artificial drama to keep the target off of me. This face wasn't made for nothing.
Lakitu: The score is now 4-1. It's still in Team Mario's favor, but Team Sonic could make a comeback. It's time to make this game a little more interesting.
Lakitu proceeds to throw Bob-Ombs onto the field.
Bowser: Now we're talking.
Sonic trys to speed his way through the traps, but gets blown up numerous times. Bowser steals the ball and scores another goal for Team Mario.
Lakitu: And time is up! Team Mario wins 5-1! As the winners, you must pick an MVP.
The team agrees on Daisy.
Mario: She was kind of our team captain. And we'd hate to admit that you were the best.
Bowser (confessional): Every season, I get robbed, AND I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!
Lakitu: Daisy, you are safe from elimination tonight. Marine-
Everyone: Sticks!
Lakitu: Since you're Daisy's partner, you are also safe. And tonight, everyone can vote for anyone.
*a few minutes later*
Daisy: What did you see?
Birdo: Rouge kissed your man.
Daisy: SHE WHAT?
Birdo: You heard me. And I'm sure she's proud of it.
Daisy: Is this true, Rouge?
Rouge: Actually, it was Luigi who kissed me. Apparently, you're too loud and hyper for him.
Daisy storms over to the boys' side of the dining hall to ask for Luigi's side.
Daisy: Tell me right now! Who kissed who?
Luigi: R-R-Rouge.
Daisy: Thought so.
Daisy (confessional): Luigi always confesses if he's intimidated by me. That's why I trust him so much.

Birdo: I told you she was dangerous.
Sticks: Uhm, Daisy, can we talk, away from the others?
Sticks takes Daisy outside to tell her about her new theory.
Sticks: At the start of the game, the host said that if you're left without a partner, you'll be safe the next round. I find it kinda odd that Birdo would be targeting her own partner, especially after the news of a third alliance.
Daisy: What are you trying to say?
Sticks: She's trying to beat the system. If she votes off her partner, waits for a new one, and then votes them off, she'll be safe for the entire game without doing anything.
Daisy: You're crazy.
Sticks: Wait until we're at the final seven, and she's still in. Then we'll see who's the crazy one.

*later that night*
Lakitu: Welcome to the Boss Fight, where everyone is both a player and a boss trying to defeat each other. You have already voted, so I'm going to explain how this works. Everyone who is safe will get a symbol, a Power Star for Team Mario, and a Chaos Emerald for Team Sonic. Whoever doesn't get one will have to take the Warp of Shame. The first symbols go to Daisy and Sticks... Peach... Amy... Mario... Sonic... Tails... Eggman... Bowser... and Luigi. This leaves our bottom two, Birdo and Rouge. The final symbol goes to......... Birdo.
Birdo: The gem-a-holic doesn't get an Emerald. Sucks to be you.
A Ring Portal appears in front of Rouge, who flies through it, making sure she looks good for the audience while doing it.
Lakitu: And that concludes another epic episode. Which Mario character will be eliminated next? Is Marine's theory true? And why did Rouge leave just as I was beginning to like her? Find out on the next episode of Toad-al! Drama! 3! & The Ghost of Knuckles!

That was a lot longer than I wanted, and remind me to stop trying to write action-packed sports challenges.
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When is toadal drama cd
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MH_osc-omb wrote:
When is toadal drama cd

Never. This will be the only crossover season as far as I've planned. The next season will be based off a Mario game with all-new contestants.
If that was a joke, feel free to r/wooosh me.
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MysteryMan wrote:
MH_osc-omb wrote:
When is toadal drama cd

Never. This will be the only crossover season as far as I've planned. The next season will be based off a Mario game with all-new contestants.
If that was a joke, feel free to r/wooosh me.

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Here's Episode 4: It's Not Rocket Science

Lakitu: Last time on Toad-al Drama 3 & No More Knuckles; It was a Mario vs. Sonic Striker contest. After a streak of goals curtosy of Bowser, Team Mario won and still picked Daisy as their MVP. On the sidelines, Rouge got Luigi into some drama, and after the challenge, Marine had a crazy theory that could actually be true. But is it? Find out on Toad-al! Drama! 3! & Knuckles MIA!
*intro plays*
After the elimination, Bowser gets an idea to guarantees that he makes it far.
Bowser (confessional): I'm vulnerable this round, especially since I'm not very popular among my group. Maybe a ransom plan will force the others to keep me around.

Mario dashes over with a worried look on his face.
Bowser: Hidden somewhere in one of the portals is your dear Princess Peach. And unless you're very lucky, you're never gonna find her.
Mario: She's in your shell.
Bowser: No, she's not. Now as I was saying, maybe there's a way we can-
Mario: I can literally hear her screaming my name.
Bowser: Still, only I know how to get her out of there. And the only way to make me do it is to make a promise.
Mario: What kind of promise?
Bowser: That I'll be one of the finalists.
Mario: Well, that's a deal that's gonna have to be made with everyone.
Bowser: Okay. Just know that Peach only has so much air left.
Mario makes a run to the castle.
Mario: Luigi, you deshelled Bowser once, right?
Luigi: Yeah.
Mario: Good. Peach is trapped in there. And unless you free her, everyone still in the game is gonna have to promise to take Bowser with them to the finals.
Mario: Seriously?! Like, seriously?!
*a few minutes later*
Lakitu: Hmm... it seems Peach decided not to come. Oh well. As you can probably guess, this is a two-part sci-fi challenge. The first part is relatively easy... building a rocket ship out of the old junk in Chef Guy's garage.
Tails: Given the requirements for a spaceship to function...
Eggman: The task could be impossible if we don't have exactly what we need.
Sticks: And I'm not very experienced when it comes to building giant straight-shooting fire machines
Lakitu: Which is why everyone will be working with their partner.
Amy: So we're gonna wait until Peach gets here?
Lakitu: Everyone but Amy.
Amy: But Birdo doesn't have a partner either, maybe she can help me.
Lakitu: You're right, Birdo doesn't have a partner, but you do. She just chose to sleep in. Now enough chit-chat. Let's go already!
Everyone runs to the garage, and finds a bunch of giant metal scraps, and not much else.
Tails: No engines... no landing gear... how are we gonna do this?
Tails (confessional): I try not to complain about stuff, but I'm starting to think Lakitu's just making us run around like headless chickens for his own entertainment.

Lakitu (confessional): Crap. They're all onto me.
Luigi: Lakitu, do you know that we're missing all the essentials.
Chef Guy jumps onto Lakitu's cloud and kicks him off, revealing that everything the pairs needed were in the cloud. He poured them all out, and the pairs rejoiced. Emphasis on "the pairs."
Amy (confessional): I'm still on my own, with no one to teach me how to build a spaceship that I'll probably need for part 2. I don't think Peach has any experience, but I wouldn't mind some help.
Peach (muffled): MARIOOO!
Amy: Am I hearing that right?

She moves towards Bowser, and Peach's cries for help become louder.
Amy: Well done, Lakitu. You're so aware of your surroundings.
Amy pulls out her hammer and repeatedly bangs on Bowser's shell, shattering it to pieces, and freeing Peach.
Amy: Mess with a princess, and I mess with you. Got it?
Bowser (confessional): I can't believe it! I just got beat by a girl! AND I'm naked! Can an evil turtle monster catch a break on this show?
A few hours later, the rockets are done.
Lakitu: Let's check these out. Mario and Sonic... looks just like 3D printed NASA ship. Nice work.
Sonic: With extra speed comes extra time.
Lakitu: I also like the red and blue paint job.
Mario: Thanks. I chose that because it matched my hat and overalls, plus Sonic's fur and shoes.
Lakitu: Didn't ask. Luigi and Tails... even better than the last one. Couldn't fall apart even if it tried. Peach and Amy...
As soon as Lakitu walked over, it fell to bits.
Lakitu: Wow, bummer. Good luck flying that through a meteor shower.
The Ladies: WHAT?!
Lakitu: Bowser and Eggman... decent enough. Though I'd expect more from a mechanical genius and someone who could fuse it together with his breath.
Eggman: It would've been better if Bowser didn't spend all day trying to hide literally nothing.
Bowser: What? I just feel insecure without my armor.

Lakitu: Daisy and Marine... Marine... aren't you gonna correct me with your alter-ego?
Sticks: I've gotten used to it.
Lakitu: Moving on... I honestly thought Marine would've torn it apart by now.
Sticks: I had to resist the urge if it meant being safe from Birdo.
Daisy: You STILL think that's real?

Lakitu: But it still looks pretty bad. Now onto Part 2. You're gonna have to fly your rocket ships you built through an obstacle course featuring asteroids, black holes, and aliens trying to take you down. Fastest time wins. One person from each pair must play.
Amy: I volunteer.
Lakitu: Each pair but The Ladies. Your rocket wouldn't survive a feather. Mario, you're up first for The Heroes.
Mario completes the course in a flawless run.
Lakitu: 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Not a scratch on your ship. That's gonna be hard to beat. Tails, you're up for The Sidekicks.
Tails has experience flying a plane, so he eases through the obstacles in 1 minute and 40 seconds.
Lakitu: Half the time of Mario's run. Nice job, Tails. Next up is Daisy for The Tomboys.
Something that Lakitu and even Sticks didn't know is that Daisy installed a missile shooter into their rocket. Whenever Daisy came across an obstacle she'd shoot it into oblivion. Nevertheless, her time still wasn't fast enough to beat Tails.
Lakitu: Two minutes. Not bad, but not enough. Eggman, if you can win this for The Villains, Bowser is safe from elimination.
Eggman starts the course, and his rocket is immediately sucked into a black hole.
Lakitu: Sorry. No rocket, no challenge. The Sidekicks win today! Luigi, you are safe from elimination tonight. Tails, since your group is already safe, you win a barbeque that you can share with two other Sonic characters. Who will they be?
Tails: Sonic, 'cause he's my best friend, and Amy, 'cause she didn't have a chance to win it herself.
Lakitu: That was highly predictable. I'll see you tonight for the Power Star Ceremony.
*later that night*
Lakitu: Welcome back to the elimination. Everyone still in the game has voted, but only a Mario character is vulnerable. The first Power Stars go to Luigi... Mario... and Daisy. Peach, Bowser, you are our bottom two tonight. The final Power Star goes to...... Peach. Sorry, Bowser. The Warp of Shame awaits you. Eggman, since your partner is gone now, Birdo is your new partner, and your team name will be The Scrambled Eggs. Next time, our players will compete in an RPG challenge. Who will win the battle? Which Sonic character will taste defeat? And is Sticks actually her real name?
Sticks: Yes.
Lakitu: Find out on the next episode of Toad-al! Drama! 3! &...... uh...

So I accidentally made this episode an Amy and Bowser torture fest.
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It's time for Episode 5: Paper Drama- Legend of the Scrambled Eggs

Lakitu: Last time on Toad-al Drama 3 & Tails; In a Sci-Fi challenge involving DIY spaceships, The Sidekicks took the win. Bowser was voted out of the game for trying to use Peach as a ransom, and his partner Eggman teamed up with Birdo. That's 4 down, 10 more to go. Which party will win the boss battle, and which Sonic character will get the "You Died" screen? Find out on Toad-al! Drama! 3! & Sonic!

Birdo wakes up in the morning to find herself in the castle.
Birdo: Uhm... hi, boys? What am I doing here?
Tails: Did you sneak in here again?
Sonic: We really gotta lock these doors.
Birdo: Nope. I fell asleep in the beach house and woke up here.
Lakitu (confessional): I originally didn't divide their homes by gender. Okay, I did, but I also wanted to make sure each pair slept together. Since Birdo and Eggman are co-ed, I couldn't do much.
Eggman: So about our Team Dark alliance-
Birdo: Uh, what Team Dark alliance?

Luigi: We all know. It's 4-4-2, so you should probably just give up.
Birdo: Well, if the two of us join together, we can  defeat the Girl Squad.
Mario: Nobody trusts you, Birdo.
Birdo: But you trust Eggman? Some logic you guys have.
Mario: I didn't say anything about trusting Eggman.
Eggman: Wait wait wait... how did I not pick up that my own partner doesn't trust me?
Luigi: I predict that your alliance will crumble by tomorrow.
Birdo (confessional): Oh, it will *snicker*...
*a few minutes later*
Lakitu: Welcome, pairs, to today's RPG challenge. Like last time, this will have two parts. The first one involves The Ladies and The Tomboys finding other players to form parties. Whether you choose pairs or individuals is up to you. Some players have been given weapons. The others have guidebooks that give information on the other players. However, not all books are the same. They can range from maps to skills to deepest darkest secrets.
Tails: Why would we wanna know those?
Lakitu: 'Cause you're on reality television. Heroes, Sidekicks, Scrambled Eggs, find a place in the woods to stay for the day until The Ladies and the Tomboys find you.
*about 15 minutes later*
Lakitu: You can go search for your party members now.
The pairs go off on their own to think about who to pick. The Ladies decide to meet up in a cornfield where nobody can see them.
Amy: What does your book say?
Peach: It only has information on all the Sonic characters. Might not be of much use to you.
Amy: But you could use all that info. What skills do they have?
Peach: Let's see... "Sonic- this blue blur can use his Spin Dash to make his opponent dizzy. Stamina- Enough to run faster than the speed of light. Good if you want your team to last long."
Amy: So we may have to consider him. What about the others?
Peach: Tails has a book about The Heroes and The Villains, and Eggman has a book about revealing secrets.
Amy: So Lakitu wasn't joking with that one. I'd say pick Tails because knowledge is power, and Sonic because of high endurance. We'll pick others if we have to.
Peach: Sounds good.

Meanwhile, The Tomboys are at a nearby lake.
Daisy: It says hear that Mario has a book about us and The Ladies, Luigi has his Polterguster 5000, and Birdo has an egg cannon.
Sticks: Only trust Mario.
Daisy: Why? All he has is a book that is only half useful.
Sticks: Luigi has a machine that took wipe out all our brains and use them against us. He could control our minds and we wouldn't know. And the worst part, it could all be happening right as we speak!
Daisy (confessional): *sigh* Some people never change.
Daisy: It's just a vacuum cleaner.
Daisy: Well, we still have Birdo.
Sticks: Do we really wanna side with her though?
Daisy: Let me guess, you still think she's voting off her partners so she can have guaranteed safety for the entire game.
Sticks: Wait until she votes off Eggman, votes off me, and then you're the next one to take the Warp of Shame.
Daisy: We'll start with Mario, and pick up Sonic if he's still available, 'cause you obviously trust him.
Sticks: Yep. And Tails.
Daisy: So that's you, me, Mario, Sonic and Tails. 5-5 even. Your boomerang plus... wait, that's only one weapon that we know of.

Later, the Ladies, who have already picked up Sonic and Mario, find Tails and Luigi.
Peach: So that's the final member of our party.
Amy: Wait... Luigi, do you have anything on you?

Luigi pulls out his Polterguster 5000 and sucks up Tails with it.
Luigi: I got his permission.
Amy: There's no way Sticks will let you join with that thing. You're coming with us. Peach, our party is complete!
The six of them cheer. The Tomboys see this, and Daisy is furious.
Daisy: I told you we should've picked Luigi! Now all that's left is Eggman and Birdo! But you didn't wanna side with them because of trust issues. They wanna win just as badly as we do!
Sticks: Which is dangerous!
Daisy: Not if they're helping us! You have two options. We can either have a somewhat even 4-6 match, or a 2-8 match where we have no chance! Which do you choose?
Sticks: Do you know how many of Eggman's robots I've taken on?
Daisy: Fine. But when we lose, you're out, and that's final!

Lakitu: We have our parties! On the Red Team is Peach, Amy, Mario, Sonic, Luigi, and Tails. They also have Birdo and Eggman since Sticks insisted that a small wooden boomerang tied together with some rope was all they needed. On the Blue Team is Daisy and Sticks. You will now partake in a boss battle. Who's the boss? Each other. First party to have all their members pass out wins. I would say, "May the best party win," but everyone knows it's the Red Team. Blue Team since you have fewer members, you get to make the first move.
Daisy had all the information she could get, so Sticks decides to throw her boomerang at Luigi, and it breaks in half.
Lakitu: Yet another epic challenge ruined by a player's careless decisions. No weapon, no chance. You girls can dodge their attacks all you want, but you have nothing to attack them with, so the Red Team wins by default. Ladies, since you were the party's leaders, you win extra special rewards. Amy, you win Invincibility. Peach, since your group is already safe, you win a day at the spa, and private access to my mansion's hot tub. You must also pick two people from any universe to join you.
Peach: Daisy and Amy.
Daisy (confessional): Knowing Lakitu, it's probably gonna involve slime, bird poop, and my ex, but as long as I'm not with Sticks, I'm happy.
*later that day*
Tails: I think you need to calm down a bit.
Sticks: Calm down? My teammate is mad at me, and my closest ally isn't hear. The only people I can really say I'm friends with are you and Sonic. And you probably wanna get rid of Eggman.
Sonic: Birdo tried to talk us into it, but it was already in our agenda.
Sticks: Did you say... Birdo talked you into it? That only proves it even more!
Tails: Proves what?
Sticks: That she's voting off her partners so she can be guaranteed safety. It's all I've been talking about, don't you guys listen?
Sonic: The two of us will vote Eggman, without telling anyone else. If he goes home, then maybe I'll believe you. But for now, you might wanna get some rest.
*later that night*
Lakitu: Welcome, players, to the Elimination Ceremony. The following players get a Chaos Emerald. Amy... Sonic... and Tails. Sticks, Eggman, you are the bottom 2. Sticks, you spend all day planning to vote off somebody that's not even on the block. You also cost your party the win. Eggman, you're a horrible roommate and nobody in the castle likes you. The final Chaos Emerald goes to......... Sticks.
Daisy (confessional): I would've voted for Sticks, but then she would've thought I was trying to beat the system too.
Lakitu: Eggman, it's time to take the Warp of Shame. Next time, the players will compete in a pirate-themed challenge. Who will take the loot? Who will walk the plank? And how much more of Daisy's Fury are we gonna get? Probably enough to last the rest of the season. See you next time on Toad-al! Drama! 3! & Sticks!
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Since I'm running out of joke names for the intros and outros, I'm gonna rename the season to Toad-al Drama Crossover. That was gonna be the original name, before I decided to use a meme that for all I know could be dead.
Also, casting for Toad-al Drama season 4 is open. I already made 10 characters, with the other 2 being submitted by you, as a part of my OC Revolution project. As with previously-failed casting calls, you must send in a name, a picture of your character, and their personality in as much detail as you can.

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