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About the Double item boxes


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Messages 48 - Koopa Koopa
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battle5000 pts ★ Novice
United States
Was this a recent update or are they still pushing the update out to everyone? Because I saw it in Ahmad's video
Messages 508 - Mario Mario
vs164426 pts ★ Superstar
battle28862 pts ★ Legend
United Arab Emirates
This is a recent update. The double boxes got announced on December 12, 2021. So about 15 days ago from now.
Messages 30 - Koopa Koopa
vs30141 pts ★ Legend
battle7238 pts ★ Racer
United States
It is only an option in private parties online and in VS mode in the "More Options" menu.
Messages 2004 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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battle5641 pts ★ Novice
It is a very good update. It can changes alot of things during lounges/matches/races

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