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The future is my home. :)

Hello! Welcome to my MKPC Profile! I'm Melee, and I have been a fan of Nintendo & Super Mario since I discovered the Wii!

Fully robot
Has Daisy's OP strats
Has over 40K points in the online mode
Mostly only creates characters & not tracks
Really obssessed with King Boo for some reason (if you can tell by those pics on my profile)







United States
22 years old (Born on 07/12/2001)
Registered since 19/07/2021
Last connection: 10/06/2024
Advent Calendar 2023[?] : Christmas Challenger
Advent Calendar 2022[?] : Christmas Challenger

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Messages 269 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
vs47883 pts ★ Titan
battle5751 pts ★ Novice
United States
Hey guys! Wazzup? Long time no see.

Damn, it's been such a long freaking time since I've made a single message or topic on this forum. I don't really use it anymore, mostly because I want to avoid all the drama. And next year, it'll be my 5th anniversary since I first joined MKPC back in 2020. Milestone, isn't it?

Anyways, in case y'all are rusty, you might've not seen me on MKPC for possibly quite some time. Weeks, possibly months even. This is pretty much because the game's become essentially boring, way too boring for me in fact. First of all things, the menu's pretty much been untouched since it first released in 2010 (that was way before the game became popular outside of France dear god), with just the plain void-black background and that pale yellow text with the crude gray rectangles resembling buttons (feel free to check out my revamps of both menu screens on discord hehe). Secondly, I've just gotten tired of the game's physics. MKPC feels just more like a speedrunning game than a actual Mario Kart to me now. And the fact that I know how to reverse drift makes it feel like you're actually not even driving a kart, just playing some weirdass tech type running game where your main goal is to stay in the middle of the track, & not touch the offroad.

Thirdly, and last but not least, the lack of activity in the main game, YouTube, and in the Online Mode are also what's driving me away from MKPC. But then again, those things are all highly understandable, since the game's community is not that huge and most international players probably only go and chat/write fanfics on the forum anyways (Hoppingicon's MK Bundle Deluxe is MKPC's most popular multicup, yet it rarely READ: RARELY has anybody online playing the tracks. Seriously?).

Life outside of MKPC has been going decent for me so far. I got a modded 3DS and Wii U, and I still plan on getting both CTGPs on the two consoles. Who knows what kind of content I produce in the future! I've also been making a lot of content for the competitive scene of the Roblox game Karting League (that game is UNDERRATED, I recommend playing it. it's a great recreation of mario kart on there). With everything being said, I've heard about a game function similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass but Mario Kart'ified being overhyped on the discord, so there's a chance I might, just might come back to playing more regularly if something similar or if another site-and-game-changing feature becomes a reality.

See you soon
Messages 269 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
vs47883 pts ★ Titan
battle5751 pts ★ Novice
United States
Change every single one of the characters to King Boo
Messages 269 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
vs47883 pts ★ Titan
battle5751 pts ★ Novice
United States
Can I be a part of this fanfic?

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