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Which Mario game do you really want to get a sequel?


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Messages 87 - Boo Boo
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You can also answer a spinoff here, such as Mario Tennis Aces 2 or something.

For me, it is an extremely easy choice. Super Mario Odyssey 2. It would be so fun to experience Mario Odyssey again, presumably with new stuff!

You guys can actually share your ideas about the sequel if you want, and also, you are allowed to say something like my other "sequel" idea, Mario Kart 9.

Honestly, who doesn't want MK9 at this point? It's MARIO KART. 9.
Messages 3397 - King Mario King Mario
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another super mario galaxy
Messages 78 - Boo Boo
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United States
mario kart ultamet (like ssbu but with mario kart)
Messages 93 - Boo Boo
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Pretty much anything under the Wario umbrella, especially the Wario Land series, it's been nearly 13 years since Shake It came out and I really enjoyed it both when I was younger and replaying it through semi-recently. It's a pretty solid platformer that takes advantage of the Wii's motion controls. Why haven't followed it up since is a mystery.
As for the WarioWare series, Gold was a great entry and was much needed after the 8 year gap since DIY, so I don't think it's as needed, but a full new game in the style of everything from Mega Microgames to Smooth Moves would be a great addition to the Switch's lineup.
Messages 27 - Koopa Koopa
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another luigis mansion
Messages 1124 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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I would say Super Mario Galaxy or a new Mario and Luigi game.

I miss the Mario and Luigi series, I've had a lot of fun with these games (and the ost was splendid).
Messages 189 - Bowser Bowser
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captain toad 2.
super mario sunshine 2.
(if you read my post in the forum stating I had to leave, my mom said I could be on on tuesdays and thursdays.. sorry for the cofusion.)
Messages 729 - Mario Mario
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My list : Super Mario Galaxy , Luigi's Mansion , Wario World , Mario and Luigi.

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