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Hi. I'm Link, and this is my funny statement. PT 1.


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I am aware of "Yoshizilla" and here I explain the truth.

This kid joined my house 2018, and worked on unfinished Mario Kart animations. Then he joined MKPC on April 8, 2022. He would collab with MarioPlays, who still hasn't used the site since 2022.

He cancelled the MK7 project that year after only doing the first 2 nitro cups. He would continue to do tracks down the line.

Then this kid who I knew from my cousin who lives here messaged him, wanting him to join discord. I eventually found out it was none other than "KoopaCreator12." Mason got furious and posted about him on New Years 2023. In March, the other Mason messaged him telling him to "APOLISE MEANIE" which he took to the forums.

He had actually managed to copy the name. I won't mention it here out of fear for the kid's safety.

Then comes PrimeTimeTV. I knew him but only looked at his tracks. He asked Mason to race against him. Mason said NO and posted about him. This is where I come in. I kicked him out and made a statement. This was the first time I ever used HIS account specifically. Then more people challenged him including a "Luigi" guy.

I'll be posting more tomorrow soon. PART 2 IS COMING SOON.
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You call that a funny statement
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Just kick him out the house and leave it at that. You don’t need to do shit explaining to us why like it’s a documentary video, just kick him out. We’re not in your house, we wouldn’t ask why.
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I feel like this might be some excuse for a cover up here but I don't wanna immediately jump to conclusions.
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United Kingdom
Funny: ❌
Story: ❓
Makes sense: ❌
Yoshizilla: ✅

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