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Toad-al Drama Roleplay is Back!


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Messages 894 - Mario Mario
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United States
To fill the gap until Toad-al Drama Sunshine, I've decided to bring back a failed ORG, (online roleplaying gameshow,) Toad-al Drama Roleplay. For those of you who competed last time, you may remember that I stopped after the first challenge because one team was completely inactive, and didn't even vote. This time, I'm gonna try to balance the teams more. To apply, all you need to do is tell me what to call you during the game, and how active you will be on a scale of 1-5.
NOTE: This is NOT a fanfic. Contestants will need to be active during challenges and vote-offs. Since most of you are in school during this time of year, I'll try not to give any time limits. Challenges will range from non-Flash Flash games to games on the forum. Some will even require a bit of creativity. A little something for everyone.
Competing Players- Activity (1-5):
@Bjthebuzzybeetle aka BJ- 3
@Poppseth aka Seth- 2
@Mystical-Coolio68 aka Coolio- 2
@Ham-Omb aka Ham- 5
@Toadboiiiii aka Toad- 5
@FieryToad aka Fiery- 4
@ItzD4rk aka Dark- 5
@Galactic_Senko aka Star- 5
Messages 346 - Peach Peach
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United States
I join with a scale of 3 because I try to be active after 3:00 but I maybe won't be active on the weekends
Messages 594 - Mario Mario
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I'll join with a scale  of 2. I check MKPC often but don't usually come on for extended periods of time, and only play online during breaks in school. I'll try to keep up with the topic though
Messages 247 - Toad Toad
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United States
I'll join with a scale of 2. I'm not really here that often anymore, but I can be available after 2:45
Messages 4940 - King Mario King Mario
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United Kingdom
I'll join with an activity of 6
Messages 604 - Mario Mario
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United States
Ill join my name toad

activity 4.5 and 3/4ths
Messages 894 - Mario Mario
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battle5565 pts ★ Novice
United States
Hi, everyone. For all future applicants, I ask that you include a full number on your activity scale. The program I'm gonna use to balance the teams only has options for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Thank you.
Messages 2567 - King Mario King Mario
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United Kingdom
up Active: 4. On weekends or holidays im super active but on schooldays im active after 3:25 or 4:45 on Mondays
Messages 850 - Mario Mario
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battle5983 pts ★ Novice
Name: Dark
Active: 5
Messages 894 - Mario Mario
vs15144 pts ★ Master
battle5565 pts ★ Novice
United States
Thank you to everyone who's signed up so far. I just need 3 more people to sign up, and then we can begin.
Messages 2030 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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United States
- StarSplizz
- 5

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