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Name: Slippin' Toadboiiiii
Abilities: "Your honor, my client is simply ____"; "Skill issue :$"
Personality: (insert SMG4 Lawyer Arc lore) Stupid, not real lawyer
Messages 601 - Mario Mario
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I wanna join @Toadboiiiii wanna team
@xrunner48 les go W team
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SoT wrote:
Episode 4: Twin House Trial

Lely: Back into the trial grounds… and we don’t even have Nudge
Max: We don’t need Nudge. Sure, he may have been helpful for solving murders last time, but that doesn’t mean we need him
Osc-Omb: I need him, so that I can do him
Dark: I have my suspicions rested upon a specific person. I won’t say who that is for now though
StarSplizz: I have no idea on what the evidence even is
Fiery: Well you’re the most suspicious person
Osc-Omb: *sus. The ‘picious’ at the end was useles
Popplio: This is certainly an interesting mystery…
They arrived the bottom of the elevator, and entered the trial grounds
MonoBoi: Welcome to the trial grounds. Please go to your allocated slot, then I’ll explain how this works. You guys will all debate about who did it, then will vote at the end. If it’s the blackened who had the most votes, he would be executed, but for this particular case, he will instead get to just chill in the island. As for if the blackened doesn’t get the most amount of votes, everyone else will be eliminated, with no exceptions. Trial Begin!
Chilli: I have no idea
Ouchy: Same, other than that is 2 are safe
IlluZhion: We can’t rule you two out, since there is a chance you could have worked together
Chilli: I would never kill anyone!
Ouchy: Neither would I!
Lely: We still can’t rule you two out…
Max: I feel like we should start by finding out everyone’s alibis
Lely: For starters, Me, Max, and Osc are all safe, since Max was unconscious, and Odc was too busy attacking me to be able to kill Nudge
Osc-Omb: If Nudge didn’t die, you would be dead
Dark: Actually, I feel like Max isn’t out of the clear
Dark: Let me explain. It is possible that the other day, you poisoned Nudge while Nudge was sleeping with a slow working poison and added fake blood in the house Lely was trapped in. Nudge died in the house Dietsoda found and while you were "unconscious", you went as fast as you could to the house where Nudge died and stabbed his corpse and stuff. You added makeup which looked like you got hit. For the damaging of the head, you whacked his head. You woke up pretending to be clueless of what happened after being "unconscious."
Lely: Max… could never…
Dark: Then prove it. If there is a flaw in my testimony, then point it out. If you want me to be less suspicious of you, then you have to make me
Max: Well, why would I?
Dark: “He killed you before last killing game, and I see no reason why he would spare you this game”
Lely: But why wou-
Dark: Let Max talk. This is a 1 on 1 debate
Osc-Omb: So it’s a rebuttal showdown. Good to know
Dark: Yes. Anyway, Max, there is no way we can know you wouldn’t take the motive, and you have an additional motive to make you choose Nudge specifically and we have no way of proving you innocent, so I will keep suspecting you u tip you can defend yourself
Max: How could I have gotten access to the poison? You explained that I used poison, but not how I could have gotten it
Dark: Why don’t you explain, since you just admitted to using the poison
Dark: “You explained how I used poison” sounds a lot like you did use it
Max: That’s just my bad English!
Dark: Whatever it may be, it makes you look even more sus. As for how you got it, it could have been from MonoBoi
Max: Another thing I would like to point out, when was “the other day” you are talking about?
Dark: A couple days ago
Max: How could I have gotten poison from MonoBoi before the killing game started?
Dark: Damn, you’re right. I’m treating it as if you poisoned him before the game, which you would have had 0 motive to do so
Lely: Hinestly, I think you are suspicious for suspecting Max like that out of the blue
Dark: Ah, so I’m suspicious for using my brain
Cringeh: Let’s stop getting distracted and continue with the trial
Sorbet: Let’s get back to explaining alibis. Me and Dark were together east Plaza
Ouchy: Same, but for me and Chilli. I believe I saw Dark at some point and shouted hello to him
Dark: I do recall someone shouting “Hello Dark”, so that must’ve been you
Noob: Me and Fiery were exploring the beach, and saw Dietsoda go underground
Dietsoda: I can confirm that to be the lies of a mayfly
Xrunner: Then explain why I heard you say “Why could I hear a mayfly shouting dispite being underground”
Dietsoda: Because… ok fine, the mayflies were truthful
Fiery: Continuing on, IlluZhion came and joined us because he had lost Osc-Omb
IlluZhion: Of course he decided it would be funny to try killing Senpai
Osc-Omb: Sorry that he’s an easy target. Would you have preferred for me be the one who killed Nudge?
IlluZhion: Anyone but Senpai!
Lely: Stop bring overprotective over me, I deserve to die anyway
IlluZhion: Y-you don’t!
Lely: I’m sorry but, I would have been better to kill off first than Nudge. He is far more useful in the context of a killing game, since all I do is cry
Popplio: Back to the game. I was enjoying the rooftops with Cringeh
Cringeh: They we’re not fun…
Xrunner: I was exploring the central area by myself, to see if we missed anything interesting
Lely: From the looks of it, everyone is innocent…
Xrunner: Could this be a… suicide?
IlluZhion: Please do not talk about that
Dietsoda: I agree with IlluZhion, since it sounds like an attempt to cover up that you lack an alibi
Xrunner: I may have been by myself, but so were you
Dietsoda: The difference is, people witnessed me entering my area. You had 0 people witness you do anything
Xrunner: Ok but, did they ever see you leave your area?
Noob: No
Xrunner: Then it’s settled, you did it
Dietsoda: You are more suspicious than me, since you had 0 eye witnesses, and I was the one who discovered the body
MonoBoi: Would you look at that, Dietsoda VS Xrunner. Who do you suspect? Please choose your answer during the mid-trial break

I still think Lely killed Nydge

Best episode yet, hope that Nydge gets a 1-UP so the second best character can still survive

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