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Messages 336 - Peach Peach
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Ok Can I at least come back to life in this?
Messages 336 - Peach Peach
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StayC wrote:
Chapter 1 : Investigation
KrazeyKay : Man, what should we do now ?
Fiery : Die in peace, ughhh I'm so tired
Nudge : Nah. I want to agonize and suffer.
Max : I'd rather not, thank you
Nudge : Yes but you aren't in charge of my life, so leave me alone and mind your own business, not like you had none
Max : Yes since I can kill you at any moment by destroying the rooftop and make it fall on your head, so behave
Nudge : Ooh interesting
osc-omb : NO, stay. I need you in my bed
KrazeyKay : It is supposed to be "in my life"
Jey : That's nasty. The saying was perfectly fine and he edited it to be perverted, not a fan of it personnally
osc-omb : Oh, shut up and take a joke
Fiery : Why does this feel so real ?
Master : Duh, maybe because it's real
Popplio : We went from "stop breaking the fourth wall" to actual discussions. We made progress guys
Nudge : You know it's something when the quiet kid starts to show off his analyses
Popplio : Well, I finally got time to shine too, and that's great
Pianta : Guys we are supposed to act in a way the plot can progress. Nobody cares about how many lines you get
Jey : Be quiet and let others speak their mind. You're so annoying bruh
IlluZhion : Why do you need to be so agressive ? He wasn't, for once...
Pianta : Bro I don't care, you think you ate but the plate is full and the food is cold πŸ₯Ά
Jey : Stop making fun of me
FDJ : Stop making fun of him
Luq : Stop copying each other
??? : Bruh is the chain going to stop ?
Ralsei : Get out bitch
Chilli : Hold on, I recognize that voice...
??? : Yeah and apparently I was impersonated. Anyways I'm Cringeh
??? : Yeah shut up. My moment now.
Fiery : People are coming ? There might be a chance to see Lely again
??? : Won't you recognize me ? Well, name's Toadboiiiii. Yeah there's five i because it looks cool. Toadboiiiii. Did you get that ? Toadboiiiii. Toadboiiiii. Toadboiiiii. I'm not sure you've understood, my name is Toadboiiiii. You got that ? Toadboiiiii. One last time ? Toadboiiiii. Spelling letter by letter ? Toadboiiiii. Toad---
Chilli : SHUT UP !
mememo : We got it, your name is Toadboiiiii... now shut. The. Fuck. Up.
Toadboiiiii with five i because it looks cool : Nah. It is MonoBoiiiii for you, mayfly.
Dietsoda : Now that word belongs to ME.
Toadboiiiii but it's MonoBoiiiii for you asshole : Yeah whatever. It's my full-time job to murder, steal and kill. A good life motto, right?
IlluZhion : Nahhh this dude is something else. I don't really trust him.
This dude is telling you to fuck off and his name is Toadboiiiii and it's cool so call him like that next time: Yeah I'm a murderer, so what ? Life is life, death is death, hope is hope, despair is despair, por---
DaisyPeachandKeeby : This is a family friendly fanfic so we censored the sentence. Thanks for your comprehension !
Nudge : Stop being a NPC. There's only one NPC I like and it's Your Favorite NPC
Toadboiiiii : Ooh yeah. That reminds me, I planned a killing game for all of you
VC : We are not going to participate in this
MonoBoiiiii : You are obligated, and I have an hostage, and you probably want this hostage to be with y'all
Max : Could it be...
MonoBoiiiii : Oh yeah. His name is Lely
MonoBoiiiii : Chillax. You will only have to investigate one mystery
Nudge : Now this sounds interesting
Bj : I hope it's not a dead body
MonoBoiiiii : It's not. Infact, we just found a Pianta in Corona Mountain the other day. Yes because Delfino Isle is part of MKPC Archipel. And you are going to find who nearly killed him
Nudge : That's super boring, I'll be going now. Do it yourself without me
MonoBoiiiii : I forgot ! Everyone not participating in this will be locked up with dogs.
Nudge : You can't do this to me
MonoBoiiiii : Yes I can
Nudge : Asshole
MonoBoiiiii Love you too !
Fiery : Oh boy why am I excited about it
mememo : Because you are an Ace Attorney stan
Fiery : True. Let's do this
They then got guided to the court. At the center of the room, a Pianta looked mad and his skin was carmine. Facing him, there was another Pianta, a yellowgreen Pianta, visibly the main suspect.
StarSplizz : Are we obligated to deal with all the swearing ?
MonoBoiiiii : Cry about it
FDJ : Swearing is bad
StarSplizz : ^
Nudge: Shut up and listen to every piece of information, they are important
Ralsei : Yes, and there's literally fifteen suspects so each info could be crucial
KrazeyKay : It's 30 brains. Do you think we are gonna get this wrong ?
Main Suspect Pianta : Stop insulting me ! I am not even the culprit...
Nudge : What's your alibi then
Main Suspect Pianta : I wasn't even conscious when this happened
Pianta : Then why is it reported that one Pianta saw you in the volcano
Main Suspect Pianta : Listen here. We've got the news. It's been reported that lately there was a lot of identity fraud and impersonation, notably with a Cringeh imposter being an actual stalker. Although the real Cringeh is here and doesn't behave the same at all
IlluZhion : But the witness is also part of the suspects so let's not rely on them
Fiery : Yeah but they've got the main piece of evidence so we can't just ignore them
KrazeyKay : Ummm. What are the reports about the other Piantas ?
Pianta : Well, that pale blue Pianta over there was seen hanging around by the entrance. He could have been taking a hot bath but it was already a hot day. Its also very difficult for Piantas to even reach that place. He must have been goated
Hot Source Pianta : We've got the genes in the family. If you dig in my information, you'd know that my grandpa lives in Pianta Village and always relaxes by the hot river
Ralsei : Doesn't sound like the culprit at all for me, his alibi is fair, he looks pretty dumb and lost by all this chit-chattering
Jey : I personnally see that the greenyellow Pianta has been reported throwing knives in the volcano.  What's your alibi ?
Knife Pianta : I don't have any, and I can't deny any of the reports
Pianta : You're the culprit
KrazeyKay : Uh... maybe...
Fiery: Obviously
KirbyBoy : But ! Let's Examine Other Suspects Before Jumping To Conclusions
Nudge: It's the first time you've said something smart
Max : So what we can see is that the yellowgreen Pianta was unconscious because he was knocked out by the greenyellow Pianta who was throwing knives into the volcano. A pale blue Pianta was found hanging out near the entrance of the volcano. A purple Pianta was found cheering about locking up someone in the heats". A black Pianta was found criticizing the Pianta who was locked up. A white Pianta was found impersonating others, and a baby Pianta was seen crying because he was burnt by something... the other ones are witnesses but they are registered as suspects and we don't know why
KrazeyKay : It's obvious that the culprit is a witness..
Nudge : No. For me it's definitively the purple one. He gives it away
Psycho Pianta : I talked about the fish that I was finally able to fit into the oven...
KrazeyKay : As dumb as it sounds, there is a witness to back up his claims, the alibi being that he never left the sea for 24 hours and then never left the house for 24 hours, he was literally recording all the while, for his BathTube channel. His wife, which is the witness, also filmed during the 48 hours. And it all occurred during the crime...
VC : This sounds so complicated... ugh....
Chilli : I don't think there's any point anymore.. its too hard to tell
Yascamer : On abandonne, donc ?
Knoah : This Case Is So Stupid
D4rk : I actually have a good theory if you wish... but it's lengthy
Nudge : Go on, even I am confused
Toad99 : Alright, enlighten us
D4rk : It actually includes every of the Piantas. Basically... the yellowgreen Pianta which is the main suspect was impersonated. But let's get back to that later, okay ? Well, so he was in conflict with the greenyellow Pianta, who knocked him out. He also threw knives in the volcano to make them stronger and make a new weapon to plan a murder on the yellowgreen Pianta. However, the yellowgreen Pianta was was hated by the Black Pianta who criticized him, and became a suspect. That's where it starts. The wife of the Black Pianta heard that and she planned to be the one to kill the carmine Pianta, while impersonating the yellowgreen Pianta because *breathes* basically, her husband hated the yellowgreen Pianta and the carmine Pianta and she also hated the carmine Pianta. So she asked her friend, who is the white Pianta, to try out costumes for her to use, and preferably identical to the yellowgreen Pianta's clothes, and this to the bone. In the meanwhile, the Purple Pianta was gone filming for a good 48 hours. The pale blue Pianta was gone to the source and stole FLUDD to get to that; here's why Mario is also in that trial. Now it becomes even more confusing. The wife witnessed her kid listening secretly to her plans, because her kid is friend with the carmine Pianta's kid, who is a witness. So she decided to hit her with a belt, a slipper, and everything she could find. That's why the baby Pianta was seen crying about something that burnt. However, the wife also got knocked out by one the witnesses, the navy blue Pianta, who heard it all. However, she prepared a plan B and she told her accomplice about it ; the accomplice distributed the clothes to another of the witnesses, the Kaede pink Pianta... who is the true culprit ! HA !
Nudge : Can we make out tonight
D4rk : Hmm... nah, thanks. But wait! There's still one more thing ! This Kaede Pink Pianta has a double disguise. Not only he impersonated the yellowgreen one... but in truth he is also... BROB2ND ! YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE THE VILLAIN, HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT NOW ???
Nudge : We should hire him as a Danganronpa protagonist. Slay
Brob2nd : SHIT ! SCREW YOU !
Ashton : That reasoning is Ashtonishing ! There isn't any hole or anything that could be exploited to prove the whole thing false.
Dietsoda : I have to admit this was amazing, however next time let me shine, mayfly. Also, what a shitty pun πŸ’€
Ashton : Stop making fun of me !
FDJ : Stop reusing my lines !
Pianta : Anyways, that should close it.
MonoBoiiiii : Don't forget the most important thing: voting time
Everyone then voted Brob2nd...
But the sound wasn't the one expected...
It sounded like hell...
But it suddenly changed! It was another prank!

Max: Yes ! We can see Lely now ! Where is he ?
Lely : Right behind you, bestie β™‘
Well... everyone seemed to be happy at the end of the day. Thanks to D4rk !
MysteryMan : No but I was told I'd at least have one line and the episode is done already ? Liars !
Bj : Oh Stop complaining...
Lemon : Well~ me too, and that's a shame
Lely : Is it good now ? Well, I guess ! Anyways, see you later, and thanks for reading !
Master : πŸ˜ƒπŸ”ͺπŸ§β€β™‚οΈπŸŸ’πŸ”¨4οΈβƒ£πŸ§±πŸ›‘πŸ–•
Lely : Love you too <3
To be continued...

Lookin good so far
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