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Description :

Hello Internet, welcome to my profile. I'm The_Garfield_Gamer, Garfield extraordinaire, Mario nerd, Paper Mario fanatic, and creator of the battle arenas PogChamp and Always Has Been.


Yes, the Garfield profile picture is gone, and yes, this is Mayo's profile picture. I just like it.

I love playing video games such as Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Smash, and Animal Crossing. I also spend alot of time on YouTube.

Gender: Male

35th USA

80th Worldwide


PogChamp and Always Has Been is just two of the octet(just go with it) of meme arenas. To see the six others, you have to be gamer enough to play them.
LuigiDawg's B U P, Steamed Hams!,Do The Mario!,This is the greatest PLAAAAAAN! and ToxTurtle's Bathaniel Nandy 1 and 2.

Also, go watch Skawo. He's a really underrated and funny YouTuber who deserves more subs.

Thanks to LuigiDawg for the idea, I am going to list some YouTube channels you should watch.

-Nathaniel Bandy
-Bathaniel Nandy
-The Game Theorists
-The Film Theorists
-The Food Theorists
-Jaiden Animations
-Good Mythical Morning
-Microwave Society
-MrBeast Gaming
-Mark Rober

Another LuigiDawg idea, here's my Smash Wishlist:
-Paper Mario
-Crash Bandicoot
-Henry Stickmin
-Bandana Waddle Dee
-Hat Kid
..Actually, that's about it.

In my opinion the best Garfield comics are between 1993-1997-ish. I should know because I've read tens of thousands of Garfield comics (yes, I have done that with my life. I love it).

Credit to SmashUltimate_Marvel for the friends thing.

Best Friend:
One of the funniest people on this site. He makes really good tracks and arenas and you should check them out, including his forum posts. Me and him talk about a lot of things.

One of the members of the Meme Arena Creators. Go check out his meme arenas and his tracks. Top-level stuff.

One of the mods I talk to on occasion.

-@Toad64: One of the admins I talk to and play arenas with.

Cool people I'm not friends with, but you should check 'em out.


My favorite Mario character is two characters: Mario and Shy Guy(Preferably Anti Guy or James Bond Guy)

My Smash Ultimate Mains Include:
-Mario (Waluigi Outfit)
-Luigi (Waluigi Outfit)
-Kirby (Orange Outfit)
-R.O.B (Super Famicom Outfit)
And my best main..
-King. K Rool (Blue Outfit)

My favorite video game song is Thrills At Night from Paper Mario: Origami King.

My Top 10 Favorite Mario Games:
10. Super Mario Sunshine
9. Mario Kart 7
8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
7.Super Mario Galaxy 2
6. Super Mario Galaxy
5. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
4. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (3DS)
3. Super Mario Odyssey
2. Paper Mario 64
1. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

f o r w a r d a e r i a l

I found this...wait, is this a community, a video game, or both? Anyway, I found this game community from F3 2020.

More dumb arenas and tracks will be coming soon; I'm taking a break from making tracks and arenas mainly for two reasons.

1. I'm running out of ideas.

2. It's hard to find images of retro tracks on Google.

Thanks for reading my about section and please for the love of yahoo, play the game and also, never stop racing.


Cool new thing to see who has visited my About:
United States
Registered since 23/07/2020
Last connection: 14/04/2021

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Messages 281 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
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battle6430 pts ★ Racer
United States
I did play hide n seek with Toad64 and LuigiDawg in MKPC. It was a blast. I would totally do it again. Best maps were DK Pass and Delfino Square.

Also, can we have an official hide n seek tournament please, I would love to help host it-
Messages 281 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
vs21426 pts ★ Legend
battle6430 pts ★ Racer
United States
For me, it's a close call between Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Mario Party 6. Makes sense, since GameCube games are so hard to get nowadays.

The average price for TTYD (on eBay) is between 80-200. And some of those are just the discs! Mine is CIB (Complete In Box, which means everything the game came with back in the year the game came out, like the manual or promotional stuff is still in there) which makes it even more valuable. TTYD is also pretty rare nowadays as well. I (technically) got mine for free because the store I bought it from has in-store credit. The original price was $100.

The average price of Mario Party 6 (on eBay) is between 100-300. And again, mine is CIB. I got it for $80 from a local store I was in while visiting a town. Mario Party 6 is even more rarer to come across than TTYD. And if you didn't find a good deal like I got on mine, it's gonna cost you an arm and a leg to get this game (unless you mod your PC to play GameCube games.)

So yeah, those are my rarest/most expensive video games I own. What's yours?
Messages 281 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
vs21426 pts ★ Legend
battle6430 pts ★ Racer
United States
After 100%ing Bowser's Fury, I decided to do a ranking of all the major islands, which are the islands with 5 cat shines. Alright, on to the ranking.

12. Fort Flaptrap
This is the only island I genuinely dislike. The island is really small. Plus, some of the shines here just feel like filler.

11. Rolling Roller Isle
The hardest island in the game.
Instant lava everywhere if you fall. Just not fun.

10. Trickity Tower
Just really boring.

9. Risky Whisker Island
Really small. The shines are okay, but really small island.

8. Clawswipe Colosseum
Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom are here. Mediocre island. The final fight is fun, but eh.

7. Slipskate Slope
'Tis pretty easy, but it is fun to slide down on the skate.

6.Fur Step Island
Now we're getting to the really good islands. I really like the simplicity of this island.

5. Pipe Path Tower
Really fun island, with lots of pipes.

4. Pounce Bounce Isle
I like all the shines here. Really good level design.

3. Scamper Shores
How is the first island in the game one of the best!?! I really enjoy the level design and shines here. The music here is the best in the game.

2. Crisp Climb Castle
A really fun vertical level that isn't hard, but is still kind of challenging. Amazing level design.

1. Mount Magmeow
This was a really close call. Like I really couldn't decide if this or Crisp Climb Castle was the best. But the cat volcano won me over. Platforming is great and level design is amazing. I really enjoyed this one.

So, that's my opinion on all the major islands. I had a really fun time beating and 100%ing this game. I think that Bowser's Fury is the future of 3D Mario. Now give us an open-world Mario game Nintendo.

What's your ranking? Let me know. Also, I've been waiting awhile, but I promise, the Miitopia review is coming soon.

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