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September Direct Discussion: 1 Month Later


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Ah, there I go again, gone for 2 months. Yeah, sorry about that, I have been extremely busy.

Anyway, really? Nobody at all has made a topic about the September Direct? There is SO much to talk about. In my opinion, it was the best Direct since E3 2019, maybe even better.

It's been 1 month, so better late than never, I guess.

Monster Hunter. Sure.

The boards for Mario Party Superstars are Peach's Birthday Cake, Space Land, Woody Woods, Yoshi's Tropical Island, and Horror Land. A good lineup, actually. 5 boards is still a little lacking, but better than 4 in Super. But why you gotta do Mario Party 3 dirty like that? Only one board? I really wanted Waluigi's Island. I also wanted Western Land from MP2 as well, but we got was still good.

Hyrule Warriors DLC? DOUBLE SURE.

Final Fantasy Mario Kart? TRIPLE SURE

Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Finally, after months and months of predicting a 3D Kirby game, it finally happened. I am so happy for this. Definitely is giving me Odyssey vibes.

Animal Crossing Direct and Brewster. FINALLY, JUST WHAT NEW HORIZONS NEEDED! I'll discuss that Direct another time, hopefully before the update releases, because there is so much to unpack.

Mario Golf update. Cool.

Online Expansion Pack with N64 games, AW YEAH! And Sega Genesis games too!?! Wow, this is amazing! I wonder how much it's going to cost? I mean, it's Nintendo, so I'd say 40 dollars at most-

50 dollars.

Look, I love Nintendo. But the fact they're charging 50 dollars a year for 20-30 year old games is absurd. Now, am I still going to buy it? Of course I am, it's gonna have Paper Mario 64 and Banjo!

Oh, the Mario Movie cast. This is going to be either a cinematic masterpiece or an absolute dumpster fire. Chris Pratt as Mario. Now look, I love Chris Pratt. Loved his performance as Star-Lord and Emmet. But why not get Charles Martinet to voice Mario? Like, I'm glad Charles is going to make cameos in the movie, but why? Charlie Day as Luigi. Man, they are getting the Holy Trinity of meme people on the internet. JACK BLACK AS BOWSER, OH MY GOSH YES, THERE IS LITERALLY NO BETTER CHOICE FOR BOWSER THAN JACK BLACK- *ahem* Keegan Michael-Key as Toad, why not? Keep the memes coming. Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong? Again, just keep the memes coming.

Oh my gosh, Splatoon 3 looks so good! Easily, my favorite announcement from the Direct. Story mode looks like it's going to be far more interesting this time around too.

And Bayonetta 3, but like, ehh, I don't care for Bayonetta.

Anyway, amazing Direct, I loved it. What was your favorite parts of the Direct?
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gonna watch those and will tell.youpigenial

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