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I decided to reboot my failed attempt from several months ago. It was decent looking back and rereading it, but the cast was tiny, the challenges were boring, I didn't do a good job at writing the characters, I let two Koopalings take up a quarter of the cast, and I got tired of the season pretty quickly. I'm gonna do whatever I can to make this version more interesting. I haven't decided on tribes or a location, and I don't even have a cast. I will try to push this out though once I do. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on who you would like to see compete.
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Mario ofc.
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That's a no-brainer. :p
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Here is the cast for Mario Survivor Season 1:
Petey Piranha
Wendy O. Koopa
Koops (I wanted an RPG character)
Dry Bones
Funky Kong
Tribe divisions are coming soon.
Voici le casting de Mario Koh-Lanta Saison 1:
Flora Piranha
Koopek (Je voulais un personnage de Paper Mario)
Funky Kong
Les divisions de la tribu arrivent bientôt.
Remarque: j'ai utilisé Google pour traduire tout cela, donc tout ne sera pas correct.
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I have a group picture for the cast:
Location: Mushroom Kingdom
Kinoko Tribe:
Hoshi Tribe:
Dry Bones
J'ai une photo de groupe pour le casting:
Lieu: Royaume des champignons
Tribu Kinoko:
Tribu Hoshi:
Flora Piranha
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R u gonna continue on this or...
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Oh, yeah. Sorry. I'm still trying to write the first episode. Just so the fanfic doesn't cut off short, I'm gonna wait to share it until after I've written everything. Because of this, it could take a while. I don't know if it could actually happen, so I wouldn't mind some help with this project. I don't know what you can do to help, but maybe I can the scenes I currently have, and maybe we can make something out of that.
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ok sounds good
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I know I said I would wait until all the episodes are finished, but I decided to publish this as a test/pilot episode.

Day 1: The Marooning

A black Yoshi stands in front of the legendary Peach’s Castle for the first official season of Mario Survivor.
Cucumber: Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom, the most famous of all kingdoms. While this may seem like a place of luxury, behind the paintings are worlds that could be difficult to live in. 12 of your favorite Mario characters are here to compete in those worlds for one million coins.
12 warp pipes rise out of the ground. One by one, each contestant jumps out of a different pipe.
Cucumber: The Kinoko Tribe in red consists of Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Wendy O. Koopa, Koops, and Rosalina. The Hoshi Tribe in yellow consists of Princess Daisy, Petey Piranha, Dry Bones, Waluigi, Birdo, and Funky Kong. Everyone, follow me.
The contestants follow Cucumber into the castle, and up a short set of stairs.
Cucumber: Kinoko, you will take the door on the left into Bob-Omb Battlefield. Don’t let the green grass fool you, as it is littered with dangerous bob-ombs. Hoshi, you will take the right door into Jolly Roger Bay, a dark and stormy island with a sunken ship at the bottom. Good luck, guys.
Everyone jumps into their respective paintings, and the game begins.
Cucumber: It’s the ultimate challenge for the ultimate prize. Who will have what it takes to win? 15 days! 12 castaways! 1 Survivor!

Kinoko- Day 1

The tribemates arrive, taking a minute to remember who are their friends, and who are their enemies.
Mario (confessional): In this game, relationships are everything. The people you know could make or break your chances of winning. All of us know each other, though there’s this weird kid in a hoodie, and I don’t believe I recognize him. He’s a koopa troopa, so I’m gonna avoid him as much as I can.
Bowser and Koops stand at the top of the mountain. Bowser looks at him, holding back laughing at his scared face.
Koops: Why did you bring me here?
Bowser: A better question is why you look so frightened? You’re supposed to work for me.
Koops: Work for you? I- I think I helped fight you.
Bowser: WHAT? Where are you from, another universe?
Koops: Yeah.
Bowser: What the- doesn’t matter. Your job is to bring chaos and ruin to the Mushroom Kingdom. Got that?
Koops: In my universe, we’re just a bunch of peaceful-
Bowser: We’re not in your universe. See that guy in the blue overalls?
Koops: Yeah. That’s Mario. We were partners once in-
Bowser: We’re not in your universe. The first step in destroying the Mushroom Kingdom is getting rid of that jerk.
Koops: Jerk? We were best friends. What would he do to me if I-
Koops: But-
Bowser: You know what? If you won’t listen to me, you will listen to someone not in your world. WENDY!!!

Wendy ascends the long, spiraling path to the top of the mountain, feeling exhausted when she finally reaches the end.
Bowser: What took you so long? I called you up here a minute ago!
Wendy: I was all the way at the bottom, I had to cross this high bridge, the path was so dang long, and walking that big a distance in heels doesn’t feel so great.
Bowser: None of that matters. Now tell him what I just told him.
Wendy: But I didn’t hear what you just told him.
Koops: Maybe we can-
Bowser: Tell him that koopas are supposed to be the bad guys.
Wendy: I did all that walking just to tell him that? You’re wasting my time!

Angered by Wendy’s stubbornness, Bowser kicks her back down.
Koops (confessional): I wanna feel bad for her, but I don’t know if I should. These people are crazy.
Bowser then shoves Koops into a cannon, and blasts him off to the edge of the grassy fields.

Hoshi- Day 1

Daisy (confessional): I’ve always wanted to do something like this, AND IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! I can get my hands dirty, make new friends, trick other players, spend time away from my kingdom… THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!!
Petey: *screams of excitement*
Dry Bones (confessional): I really like our tribe’s spirit. Daisy, Funky, Petey, and Waluigi are all showing support for the tribe, or themselves in Waluigi’s case. I’m also excited to be here, and confident we’re gonna crush the competition. I don’t yell and scream about it, but I still show confidence. You know who doesn’t even try though? Birdo, the lovesick drama queen.
Birdo: Nobody separates me and my Yoshi!
Dry Bones: Too bad. They just separated you.
Birdo: It’s not fair though! We were meant to be together all the time!
Dry Bones: First of all, the game doesn’t care. Second, you used to be a boss. Third, if you’re trying to be Yoshi’s date, he doesn’t even know your gender.
Birdo: I don’t either, but that’s not gonna stop me.
Dry Bones: Maybe you two need some space.
Birdo: What?
Dry Bones: I know you two are best friends, but you’re only ever gonna be friends, and not even that if you try too hard.

Birdo stands up, spinning around once.
Birdo: Look at all this hot stuff. You really think he can resist it?
Dry Bones (to self): What did I begin?
Birdo: I’m gonna go visit his camp.

Birdo walks over to the nearest cannon, with Dry Bones racing after her.
Dry Bones: First of all, that cannon doesn’t lead to Bob-Omb Battlefield, or anywhere besides another area here. Second, I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to go visit the other tribe.
Birdo ignores him, and jumps in. She launches herself… right into a stone pillar.
Birdo: Why didn’t you tell me the cannon wouldn’t work?
Dry Bones: Yeah, why didn't I? Oh yeah. I DID!
Dry Bones (confessional): I honestly didn’t mind Birdo at first, but she is just way too attached to Yoshi. She is at the point where her head is completely gone, and she’s just going insane. I can’t live with her for two weeks.

Kinoko- Day 1

Wendy lies down in the shelter Mario, Yoshi, and Rosalina built.
Wendy: Finally. I get to relax.
Bowser: WENDY!!
Wendy: Why can’t you just come down here for once? You called me up 50 times in the last 6 hours, and my feet are killing me.
Bowser: So?
Wendy: Most of the time, you forgot WHY you called me up.
Bowser: How many is, “Most?”
Wendy: Not much, only 90 PERCENT. I can’t walk any further.

Wendy drags herself to the cannon at the starting point. She climbs in, and gets ready to launch herself to the top of the mountain.
Bowser: You’re taking the cannon? Then it won’t be as fun to watch.
Wendy realizes what Bowser said, and slowly climbs out.
Wendy: Say that again.
Bowser: Taking the cannon will make it less fun to watch.
Koops: I thought she was just being whiny, but this is straight-up abuse.
Bowser: I wouldn’t really call it that-
Wendy: He’s right, King Dad. You just wanna make me suffer, don’t you? Well guess what? I’m taking the cannon, and you’re not stopping me.
Koops: I know you’re tired, but he’s your father, and your king. Besides, I don’t want him killing a beautiful young woman like you.
Wendy: Wha-
Koops: No, I don’t have a crush on you! I mean- I don’t think you’re ugly or anything, but- I’m just gonna go before this gets any more awkward.
Wendy: Please do… now, where were we? Oh yeah. I’m launching myself in 3… 2…
Bowser: Why are you warning me? I don’t even-

Just then, Mario takes Bowser by the tail, swings him around a few times, and throws him down.
Wendy: Listen, I wanted him to stop messing with me, but when you’re the one who makes him stop, I start getting suspicious. What are you trying to do? Steal my trust and use it against me? ‘Cause that’s not happening!
Wendy (confessional): Mario and my family have been out for each other’s blood for more than 35 years now. You really think I’m gonna trust him so much that I’m gonna team up with him after he defeated me time after time after time?

Day 2: Immunity


Cucumber: Come on in, guys!
The contestants drive their karts into the arena, with three balloons on each kart.
Cucumber: Welcome to your very first Immunity Challenge. This will be a classic Mario Kart Balloon Battle. Pick two people to represent your team. First team to pop all of their opponents’ balloons wins. Wanna know what you’re playing for?
Cucumber puts a golden Star Cup trophy on a table.
Cucumber: Immunity. Bring this trophy back to your camp, and you’re safe from Tribal Council. The losing team will have to vote one person out of the game. I’ll give you a minute to pick your representatives.
Cucumber: Playing for Kinoko are Bowser and Yoshi. Playing for Hoshi are Birdo and Daisy. For Immunity, survivors ready… go!
The contestants race towards the item boxes. Yoshi grabs a green shell, Birdo gets a banana, Daisy gets a star, and Bowser gets a Bowser shell. Bowser throws his shell throughout the arena, hitting Birdo in the process. Daisy then uses her star to steal one of Yoshi’s balloons. Right after Daisy’s star runs out, Yoshi throws a bob-omb at her.
Cucumber: Kinoko has 5 balloons, and Hoshi has 4. The reds are in the lead by one.
Birdo then uses a mega mushroom to flatten Bowser and make him lose his first balloon. Daisy shoots a red shell at him to get rid of his second. Bowser uses a mushroom to try and steal a balloon, but ultimately fails. Yoshi then uses a piranha plant to bring Daisy down to one balloon.
Cucumber: The score is now 3-3. What a close game!
Birdo throws an egg at Bowser, making him the first person to be eliminated.
Cucumber: Yoshi and Birdo each have two balloons, while Daisy has just one.
Yoshi gets a triple red shell, and Birdo gets a green shell. Yoshi throws his shell at Daisy, eliminating her from the game, and gets a blue shell after that. He throws his second shell at Birdo, and throws his third at the wall so he can finish Birdo off in a more fun way.
Dry Bones: Come on, Birdo! You can do this!
Birdo: But I don’t want to hurt Yoshi!
Dry Bones: He’s your opponent whether you like it or not!
Birdo: But-

But it was too late. Yoshi threw his blue shell, and it was game over.
Cucumber: Kinoko wins Immunity! Congratulations. You will have your entire Tribe remain intact. Hoshi, wish I could say the same. I’ll see at Tribal Council tonight. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Hoshi- Day 2

Dry Bones: If you hadn’t been so concerned about Yoshi, we could’ve won.
Birdo: He had a blue shell anyway. That’s the item to end all item battles with.
Dry Bones: That doesn’t matter. You could’ve at least popped his second balloon, but you didn’t even try to do that.
Birdo: But what if Yoshi-
Dry Bones: Yoshi, Yoshi, it’s always about you and Yoshi. All you want is to be with him, but some of us just wanna win the game, and being teammates with you doesn’t make it any easier.
Daisy: What’s going on?
Birdo: Dry Bones is calling me a wimp!
Dry Bones: Ignore her. She just wants me out.
Daisy: Birdo, you really should’ve thrown that shell while you had the chance.
Dry Bones: Hear that, Birdo? She thinks I’m right.
Daisy: Dry Bones…
Dry Bones: Uh oh.
Daisy: I’m not a fan of your attitude. Sure, Birdo messed up, but you’re acting like she’s the only one who should go home, while there are so many other people, like Waluigi.
Dry Bones: You’re just suggesting him because he’s your ex.
Daisy: Can you please stop arguing and start thinking of a target for tonight?
Birdo: I already have mine.
Dry Bones: And I have mine.

Day 2: Tribal Council

The Hoshi tribe steps into a painting leading to Whomp’s Fortress. Cucumber waits for them there.
Cucumber: Welcome to Tribal Council. Here on Survivor, we have a ritual. Behind each of you is a torch. I want you to grab that torch and approach a flame. In this game, fire represents your life. When your fire’s gone, so are you. Now that you all have your torches lit, I’m going to explain the voting system. On top of the fortress is a table with cards and a voting urn. You are going to write down the name of the person you want to send home. You will hold it up, say something to the camera, fold it, and put it inside the urn. Whoever has the most votes will be out. Daisy, you’re up.
One by one, the contestants walk towards the voting station.
Daisy (voting confessional): I know Birdo cost us the win, but Dry Bones, you’re taking away from the positive energy.
Dry Bones (voting confessional): The people who play as you are actually better than you.
Birdo (voting confessional): You just don’t care about him, do ya?

Cucumber: I’ll go tally the votes… First vote, Birdo. Second vote, Dry Bones. Third vote, Birdo. Fourth vote, Dry Bones. Fifth vote, Birdo. First person voted out of Mario Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom… Birdo. Bring me your torch.
Birdo brings her torch to Cucumber, holding back tears.
Cucumber: Birdo, the tribe has spoken. It’s time for you to go. Hoshi, it seems that your decision to let Birdo compete didn’t work as expected. Hopefully, you’ll learn next time to be more careful about who you pick.
Here are the votes:
Daisy- Dry Bones
Petey- Birdo
Dry Bones- Birdo
Waluigi- Birdo
Birdo- Dry Bones
Funky- Birdo
Je sais que j'ai dit que j'attendrais que tous les épisodes soient terminés, mais j'ai décidé de le publier en tant qu'épisode test / pilote.

Jour 1: The Marooning

Un Yoshi noir se tient devant le légendaire château de Peach pour la première saison officielle de Mario Koh-Lanta.
Concombre: Bienvenue au Royaume Champignon, le plus célèbre de tous les royaumes. Bien que cela puisse sembler un lieu de luxe, derrière les peintures se trouvent des mondes dans lesquels il pourrait être difficile de vivre. 12 de vos personnages Mario préférés sont ici pour rivaliser dans ces mondes pour un million de pièces.
12 tuyaux de chaîne sortent du sol. Un par un, chaque concurrent saute d'un tuyau différent.
Concombre: La tribu Kinoko en rouge se compose de Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Wendy, Koopek et Harmonie. La tribu Hoshi en jaune se compose de la princesse Daisy, Flora Piranha, Skelerex, Waluigi, Birdo et Funky Kong. Tout le monde, suivez-moi.
Les concurrents suivent Cucumber dans le château et montent un petit escalier.
Concombre: Kinoko, vous prendrez la porte à gauche dans le champ de bataille de Bob-Omb. Ne laissez pas l'herbe verte vous tromper, car elle est jonchée de dangereux bob-ombs. Hoshi, vous prendrez la bonne porte dans Jolly Roger Bay, une île sombre et orageuse avec un navire coulé au fond. Bonne chance les gars.
Tout le monde saute dans ses tableaux respectifs et le jeu commence.
Concombre: C'est le défi ultime pour le prix ultime. Qui aura ce qu'il faut pour gagner? C'est Mario Koh-Lanta: le royaume des champignons!

Kinoko- Jour 1

Les membres de la tribu arrivent, prenant une minute pour se rappeler qui sont leurs amis et qui sont leurs ennemis.
Mario (confessionnel): Dans ce jeu, les relations sont tout. Les personnes que vous connaissez pourraient faire ou défaire vos chances de gagner. Nous nous connaissons tous, bien qu’il y ait ce gamin bizarre en sweat à capuche, et je ne crois pas que je le reconnaisse. C'est un koopa troopa, donc je vais l'éviter autant que je peux.
Bowser et Koopek se tiennent au sommet de la montagne. Bowser le regarde, se retenant de rire de son visage effrayé.
Koopek: Pourquoi m'as-tu amené ici?
Bowser: Une meilleure question est de savoir pourquoi vous avez l'air si effrayé? Tu es censé travailler pour moi.
Koopek: Travaillez-vous pour vous? Je - je pense que j'ai aidé à te battre.
Bowser: QUOI? D'où viens-tu, un autre univers?
Koopek: Ouais.
Bowser: Ce que le- n'a pas d'importance. Votre travail consiste à apporter le chaos et la ruine au Royaume Champignon. C'est compris?
Koopek: Dans mon univers, nous ne sommes qu'un groupe de pacifiques-
Bowser: Nous ne sommes pas dans votre univers. Vous voyez ce gars en salopette bleue?
Koopek: Ouais. C’est Mario. Nous étions partenaires une fois dans
Bowser: Nous ne sommes pas dans votre univers. La première étape de la destruction du Royaume Champignon consiste à se débarrasser de ce crétin.
Koops: Jerk? Nous étions les meilleurs amis. Que me ferait-il si je-
Koopek: Mais-
Bowser: Vous savez quoi? Si vous ne m'écoutez pas, vous écouterez quelqu'un qui n'est pas dans votre monde. WENDY !!!

Wendy monte le long chemin en spirale jusqu'au sommet de la montagne, se sentant épuisée lorsqu'elle atteint enfin la fin.
Bowser: Qu'est-ce qui vous a pris si longtemps? Je vous ai appelé ici il y a une minute!
Wendy: J'étais tout en bas, j'ai dû traverser ce haut pont, le chemin était si long, et marcher aussi loin en talons ne me fait pas du bien.
Bowser: Rien de tout cela n'a d'importance. Maintenant, dis-lui ce que je viens de lui dire.
Wendy: Mais je n’ai pas entendu ce que vous venez de lui dire.
Koopek: Peut-être que nous pouvons-
Bowser: Dites-lui que les koopas sont censés être les méchants.
Wendy: J'ai fait tout ça en marchant juste pour lui dire ça? Vous perdez mon temps!

Irrité par l’entêtement de Wendy, Bowser la repousse.
Koopek (confessionnal): Je veux me sentir mal pour elle, mais je ne sais pas si je devrais. Ces gens sont fous.
Bowser enfonce alors Koopek dans un canon et l'envoie au bord des champs herbeux.

Hoshi- Jour 1

Daisy (confessionnal): J'ai toujours voulu faire quelque chose comme ça, ET C'EST ENFIN! Je peux me salir les mains, me faire de nouveaux amis, tromper d’autres joueurs, passer du temps loin de mon royaume… C’EST LA MEILLEURE CHOSE QUI M’EST JAMAIS ARRIVÉE !!!
Flora: * cris d'excitation *
Skelerex (confessionnal): J'aime beaucoup l'esprit de notre tribu. Daisy, Funky, Flora et Waluigi montrent tous leur soutien à la tribu, ou à eux-mêmes dans le cas de Waluigi. Je suis également ravi d’être ici et je suis convaincu que nous allons écraser la concurrence. Je ne crie pas et ne crie pas à ce sujet, mais je fais toujours preuve de confiance. Vous savez qui n’essaye même pas? Birdo, la reine du drame en mal d'amour.
Birdo: Personne ne me sépare de mon Yoshi!
Skelerex: Dommage. Ils vous ont juste séparés.
Birdo: Ce n’est pas juste! Nous étions censés être ensemble tout le temps!
Skelerex: Tout d'abord, le jeu s'en moque. Deuxièmement, vous étiez patron. Troisièmement, si vous essayez d'être le rendez-vous de Yoshi, il ne connaît même pas votre sexe.
Birdo: Moi non plus, mais ça ne m'arrêtera pas.
Skelerex: Peut-être que vous avez tous les deux besoin d'espace.
Birdo: Quoi?
Skelerex: Je sais que vous êtes tous les deux les meilleurs amis, mais vous ne serez jamais amis que si vous essayez trop fort.

Birdo se lève, tournant une fois.
Birdo: Regardez tous ces trucs chauds. Tu penses vraiment qu'il peut y résister?
Skelerex (à soi-même): Qu'est-ce que j'ai commencé?
Birdo: Je vais aller visiter son camp.

Birdo se dirige vers le canon le plus proche, avec Skelerex courant après elle.
Skelerex: Tout d'abord, ce canon ne mène pas à Bob-Omb Battlefield, ni nulle part ailleurs que dans une autre zone ici. Deuxièmement, je suis presque sûr que nous ne sommes pas autorisés à aller rendre visite à l’autre tribu.
Birdo l'ignore et saute dedans. Elle se lance… directement dans un pilier de pierre.
Birdo: Pourquoi ne m'as-tu pas dit que le canon ne fonctionnerait pas?
Skelerex: Ouais, pourquoi pas moi? Oh, attendez. J'AI FAIT!
Skelerex (confessionnal): Honnêtement, cela ne me dérangeait pas Birdo au début, mais elle est trop attachée à Yoshi. Elle est au point où sa tête est complètement partie, et elle devient juste folle. Je ne peux pas vivre avec elle pendant deux semaines.

Kinoko- Jour 1

Wendy se couche dans l'abri construit par Mario, Yoshi et Harmonie.
Wendy: Enfin. Je peux me détendre.
Bowser: WENDY !!
Wendy: Pourquoi ne pouvez-vous pas venir ici pour une fois? Vous m'avez appelé 50 fois au cours des 6 dernières heures, et mes pieds me tuent.
Bowser: Alors?
Wendy: La plupart du temps, vous avez oublié POURQUOI vous m'avez appelé.
Bowser: Combien font "La plupart?"
Wendy: Pas beaucoup, seulement 90%. Je ne peux plus marcher.

Wendy se traîne jusqu'au canon au point de départ. Elle monte et s'apprête à se lancer au sommet de la montagne.
Bowser: Vous prenez le canon? Ensuite, ce ne sera pas aussi amusant à regarder.
Wendy réalise ce que Bowser a dit et sort lentement.
Wendy: Répétez cela.
Bowser: Prendre le canon le rendra moins amusant à regarder.
Koopek: Je pensais qu'elle pleurnichait, mais c'est un abus direct.
Bowser: Je ne l'appellerais pas vraiment comme ça -
Wendy: Il a raison, King Dad. Tu veux juste me faire souffrir, n'est-ce pas? Bien devinez quoi? Je prends le canon et vous ne m'arrêtez pas.
Koopek: Je sais que vous êtes fatigué, mais c'est votre père et votre roi. De plus, je ne veux pas qu’il tue une belle jeune femme comme vous.
Wendy: Quoi-
Koopek: Non, je n’ai pas le béguin pour vous! Je veux dire… je ne pense pas que vous soyez moche ou quoi que ce soit, mais… je vais juste y aller avant que ça ne devienne plus gênant.
Wendy: S'il vous plaît, faites… maintenant, où en étions-nous? Oh oui. Je me lance dans 3… 2…
Bowser: Pourquoi me prévenez-vous? Je n'ai même pas -

Juste à ce moment-là, Mario prend Bowser par la queue, le balance plusieurs fois et le jette à terre.
Wendy: Écoute, je voulais qu’il arrête de se moquer de moi, mais quand tu es celui qui le fait arrêter, je commence à me méfier. Qu'essayez-vous de faire? Voler ma confiance et l'utiliser contre moi? Parce que ça n’arrive pas!
Wendy (confessionnal): Mario et ma famille se réclament du sang depuis plus de 35 ans maintenant. Tu penses vraiment que je vais tellement lui faire confiance que je vais faire équipe avec lui après qu'il m'ait vaincu à maintes reprises?

plus à venir bientôt
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WOw that was insane who knew birdo was an idiot
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BOISSSS wrote:
WOw that was insane who knew birdo was an idiot

I hope the rest of the series will be just as insane.
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I cant wait when is episode two coming out?
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Like I said, I'm not releasing the rest of the series until everything is finished. This was just a sneak peek. I haven't even started on episode 2 yet. I am glad that you're excited for more though.
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In case you were wondering, I'm still working on episode 2. Just finished the reward challenge. Writing something like this is a lot harder than I thought, so it will take a very long time. In the mean time though, who's your winner pick?
Edit: Just finished episode 2. It's going very slowly, but progress is progress. Hopefully, the rest of the season will be written a lot quicker, while still maintaining the quality of the first episode.
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I don't want to keep you guys waiting too long. My plan is to write a scene or two of an episode every day. That way, I'll be able to publish an episode every week. Without further ado, here's the second episode of Mario Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom.

Hoshi- Night 2

The tribe walks back to camp after the first Tribal Council, and Daisy is not pleased with the results. She walks up to Funky, Petey, and Waluigi.
Daisy: What the heck, guys? You were supposed to vote Dry Bones!
Funky: Well, he was right about Birdo being the least helpful player out there.
Daisy: But that doesn’t matter. He was in a very intense argument, and was destroying all the positive vibes here.
Waluigi: Personally, the only thing I care about is us winning, and then me winning.
Daisy: And we can’t win with all of us fighting with each other.
Waluigi (confessional): Daisy’s not nearly as stupid as Birdo, but she doesn’t know that one small argument can’t destroy the entire tribe. I don’t even care about the “positive vibes.” I just wanna cause chaos here. And I know the perfect way to do that.

Waluigi dives down to the sunken ship, and tears a square of wood off. He then carves a star and a smiley face into it. After that, he puts it on Daisy’s bag while she’s sleeping. He finds Petey and talks to him.
Waluigi: There’s something I need to tell you.
Petey: Yeah, what’s up?
Waluigi: I think Daisy found the tribe’s Immunity Star.
Petey: What? No way!
Waluigi: Follow me.

Petey follows Waluigi to the shelter, and sees the fake Immunity Star he made.
Waluigi: Tell everyone here.
Petey: You bet I will!

Kinoko- Day 3

Mario: Is this a bad time for us to talk?
Wendy puts her bow back on after cleaning a bunch of dirt off of it.
Wendy: I already told you I’m not blowing up any more bob-ombs.
Mario: Rosalina already took care of them.
Wendy: So why are you here?
Mario: I’d like to talk about forming a duo.
Wendy: We discussed this earlier. There is no way in hell I’m going to team up with you.
Mario: I couldn’t have done that much to make you feel that way.
Wendy: Let’s see… You crushed me with the White House, tricked me into thinking Luigi was my dream man, made a robot to scare Morton and I into leaving Hollywood, took away my only chance to go to a real-world concert, stole back countless amounts of money, flooded the Louvre thus destroying my beautiful paintings, prevented me from opening my water park…
Mario: Are you done?
Wendy: … trapped me in a giant ice block, jumped on my head millions of times…
Mario: Okay, so I did a few things that made you mad, your point being?
Wendy: You’re on your own.
Wendy: *sigh* I’ll be back.
Mario: But I thought he was just…
Wendy: When he says something other than just my name, he really wants me up there.

Wendy climbs up the mountain for the 125th time. 2 minutes later, she comes back down with somewhat-exciting news.
Wendy: I did some thinking, and I don’t think an alliance would be too bad. But I have to ask you something. Why are you asking me? We’ve been feuding for so long.
Mario: I’m not scared of you.
Wendy: What do you mean?
Mario: You’ve been sitting on your tail this whole time, not doing any work. You’re also way too concerned about your beauty, and you’re the least likely to make a move on someone.
Wendy: When figuring out what to tell your new ally, insulting them isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

Wendy walks away, shocked by what Mario said to her. In order to be his teammate again, she has to prove herself, but how?

Day 3: Reward Challenge

Cucumber: Come on in, guys!
The tribes fly in, landing on a starting grid in a Sky-Garden-like arena.
Cucumber: Kinoko, here’s your first look at the new Hoshi tribe. Birdo was voted out last night. Yoshi, how do you feel about that?
Yoshi: I’m kinda sad that she’s gone, but I’m also not. We’re still good friends, but she’s been following me around like crazy lately.
Cucumber: Anyways, one person from each tribe will step onto this horizontal sky path. Item boxes will fall onto the path. Your job is to get the item box to your side of the line. If you do that, you win a point for your team. First tribe to 10 wins. The area between the two starting grids is an attack zone. If both players are here, you can fight for the item box with full-body contact. If you are caught fighting somebody outside the attack zone, you lose a point and it goes to the other team. I’ll give you a minute to pick your representatives.
The tribes huddle up, discussing amongst themselves who would be the best player to send out.
Daisy: We can’t make the same mistake we made yesterday. Who we pick can determine everything.
Dry Bones: It’s only for Reward, and we don’t even know what it is.
Daisy: Exactly. For all we know, it could be an advantage in the Immunity Challenge.
Petey: Daisy’s right. We need that win. I’m going in!

Bowser: I should go, guys.
Mario: You aren’t allowed to since you went yesterday. Besides, I think I should compete. I am the protagonist after all.
Rosalina: You should not pick based on popularity, but by talent and skill. And you never know. There may be people with hidden gifts that you aren’t aware of.
Yoshi: You should totally go, Rosalina.
Mario: I still think I should.
Wendy: Or…

Everyone looks in shock, except for Rosalina, who smiles.
Mario (laughing): You’re- you’re not competing, are you?
Wendy slips off her heels and hands them to Mario.
Wendy: Hold these. They slow me down.
Yoshi: We’re doomed.
Rosalina: Do not jump to conclusions, for we do not know what skills this young one holds.

Cucumber: It’s Wendy competing for Kinoko versus Petey playing for Hoshi. For Reward, survivors ready… go!
The item boxes start falling. Wendy tries to catch some, but Petey nabs all of them.
Cucumber: The score is 4-0 in Hoshi’s favor! There is no way Wendy can possibly catch up!
Just then, when the fifth one falls, Wendy catches it and puts it on her side. When she catches the next one, Petey tackles her… outside the attack zone.
Cucumber: Petey! You weren’t in the attack zone! That’s a point transferred over to Wendy! It’s now 3-2, still in Hoshi’s favor, but just barely!
Four more come, and Wendy catches them all. As for Petey’s mistake, he fights her 3 more times.
Cucumber: Petey! How many times do I have to tell you? If you wanna put up a fight, go to the center! It’s now 9-0! If Wendy can get this last one, Kinoko will win!
One more item box falls, and Petey catches it. He was on Wendy’s side, so she waits until he gets to the middle. Then, she throws Petey to the ground. Petey tries to get up, but Wendy takes the item box from him, and walks on top of him to her side of the road.
Cucumber: Wow! I never thought this would happen! WENDY WINS REWARD FOR KINOKO!
Wendy walks back to her tribe, and grabs her shoes back from Mario’s hands.
Wendy: You thought I’d lose, huh? Don’t go to Vegas.
Mario stares at her, his mouth wide open, but completely speechless.
Cucumber: Wendy, you have a choice of your Reward. You can either pick a tarp, and pillows and blankets, or just a tarp and a clue to the Immunity Star.
Wendy: I pick the whole comfort package.
Cucumber: Okay, then. Kinoko, your Reward will be waiting for you at Bob-Omb Battlefield. Hoshi, got nothing for you. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Kinoko- Day 3

When Kinoko returned from the Reward Challenge, Mario gave in.
Mario: Wendy, I was wrong to call you weak and lazy.
Wendy: To be honest, I kinda was those first couple days.
Mario: I saw you dominating the challenge earlier. You may not have gotten all the points yourself, but you were at least smart enough to follow the rules. And the way you just casually walked all over him was cool.
Wendy: What are you saying?
Mario: I’m saying that maybe can get back together.
Wendy: Well… alright.

A few moments later, Rosalina found Mario.
Rosalina: Mario, I am afraid there might be trouble in your group.
Mario: What do you mean?
Rosalina: Trusting a koopa might not be the best idea.
Mario: Earlier, you supported her, but now, you’re against me siding with her? What is your problem?
Rosalina: It may not be my problem, but yours.
Mario: My problem?
Rosalina: You might be a tad too desperate for allies.
Mario: Tell me more.

Rosalina then disappears.

Hoshi- Day 3

Hoshi returns to camp, and Daisy is once again angry about the results.
Daisy: For the last time, Petey, you didn’t win it for us.
Petey: Oh. I didn’t?
Daisy: Cucumber told you over and over to stop breaking the rules. Did you listen to him? No!
Petey: I had to take that item box somehow.
Daisy: And to change the subject, what’s all this talk about me having the Immunity Star?
Petey: Waluigi told me you had it last night. He even showed it to me.
Daisy: Really? Where is he?
Petey: On the huge island far west of the map.

Later, Daisy found Waluigi in that same location.
Daisy: Waluigi, we need to talk.
Waluigi: About what?
Daisy: Petey just told me you were the cause of all that talk about me having the Immunity Star.
Waluigi: Because it’s very clear you have it.

Daisy then showed him the “Star.”
Daisy: It’s just a slab of wood.
Waluigi: That could still be it.
Daisy: This is a fake, and the only person who would make a fake is you.
Waluigi: Fine. You got me this time, but Waluigi will win the whole game.
Daisy (confessional): My tribe has a lot of idiots on it, but while Birdo was just annoying, Petey helped me discover Waluigi’s secret. He may not be the brightest, but I believe Petey will be a huge help.

Kinoko- Day 4

Yoshi: We got Treemail, but it’s kinda weird.
Koops: What does it say?
Yoshi: Something about designing a flag. It doesn’t say anything about the Immunity Challenge. It’s just a note with flag-painting materials.
Koops: Well, let’s get to work.
Yoshi: It says we need to implement the season logo, our tribe name, our tribe emblem, and the names or emblems of all our members.

They gathered the rest of the tribe and started painting their new flag. This was the result.

Hoshi got the same message. This was their flag.

Later that day, Hoshi got another note. It read, “Being members of a team is about spirit, and one of the ways to show team spirit is to design a flag. You did that perfectly. Therefore, you will be safe from Tribal Council tonight.”

Kinoko- Day 4

Koops: So let me get this straight. If I was in your universe, my name would be Koopa Troopa?
Yoshi: Yep. *laugh*
Koops: Your world is pathetic.
Mario: Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but we need to pick somebody to send home.
Yoshi: I thought we already agreed on Wendy.
Mario: That was before I decided to team up with her.
Koops: You’re in an alliance with that girl? Why didn’t you tell us?
Mario: I wanted to, but I got so caught up in other things that I…
Yoshi: Forgot? Sure, you did. Koops, you sticking with Wendy or voting Mario?
Koops: Wow, you’re putting me on the spot, uhm…
Yoshi: You got all night, but Mario, don’t expect to last very long.
Mario decides to meet up with Wendy so they can think of a way to save themselves.
Wendy: Why do you look so scared? I don’t remember anybody targeting you.
Mario: I had a fight with Koops and Yoshi, and now they want either me or you to go.
Wendy: Luckily, it’s just those two.
Mario: But it seems they might be trying to persuade everyone else to vote with them.
Wendy: I think there’s one more person who can join our side, but first, are you planning on voting for Bowser?
Mario: Do you want me to say yes or no? Because my plan is Yoshi.
Wendy: Thank goodness.

Day 4- Tribal Council

The Kinoko tribe walks in for the first time, not knowing what was going to happen. Cucumber explains the ritual, and begins the voting.
Yoshi (voting confessional): Thanks to you, all of us were scrambling for a target last minute. I hope you’re happy.
Wendy (voting confessional): If what Mario told me is true, then you’ll be sorry. Anyone who dares to even talk about voting out my ally will have to answer to Wendy Orlean Koopa. Don’t do that again.
Rosalina (voting confessional): If only Mario could understand. I have told him several times that you cannot be trusted, but he would never listen.

Cucumber: I’ll go tally the votes… Once the votes are read, the person with the most votes will be asked to leave immediately. First vote, Wendy. Second vote, Yoshi. Third vote, Wendy. Fourth vote, Yoshi. Fifth vote, Wendy. Sixth and final vote, Yoshi. Wendy, Yoshi, you two are tied, so we will do a revote. The two nominees will not be allowed to vote. Everyone else can, but only for Wendy or Yoshi. Mario, take the urn.
Everyone finished voting.
Cucumber: First vote, Yoshi. Second vote, Wendy. Third vote, Yoshi. Second person voted out of Mario Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi. Yoshi, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go. Kinoko, neither tribes have very strong bonds, but Hoshi wasn’t as torn as you were. Keep allowing close votes like this, and you’re in for a long ride downhill.
Here are the votes:
Mario- Yoshi x2
Yoshi- Wendy
Bowser- Yoshi x2
Wendy- Yoshi
Koops- Wendy/Yoshi
Rosalina- Wendy x2

I know the challenges were pretty underwhelming, but I'm not that good at writing them. I hope you liked everything else though.
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As you might've figured out, I quietly put the series on hiatus a while ago. However, I decided to continue recently, and finish episode 3. There was a huge gap between the hiatus' start and end, so some stuff might not make sense within the episode's timeline. Nonetheless, here it is.

Kinoko- Night 4

Kinoko returns to camp, and Mario notices Koops is acting strange.
Mario (confessional): Koops refuses to talk, and he doesn’t even treat it like it’s our fault. On our walk back here, he just stared at the ground looking guilty. There’s gotta be something I can do to help that kid.
Mario: You still mad at me about switching the target?

Koops shakes his head.
Mario: Were you the one who flipped?
Koops nods.
Mario: There’s no shame in that.
Koops: He was my friend. How could I do that to him?
Mario: There are two explanations. The first one is that he was pushing you around.
Koops: That could be it.
Mario: The other is that you didn’t wanna risk drawing rocks.
Koops: That’s definitely what it is. I didn’t want to take any chances, and because of that, I had to vote out the person I was closest with.
Mario: It’s just part of the game, you know?
Koops: I just didn’t think it would be so brutal.
Koops (confessional): I came out here to have a good time, but I didn’t get any of that. Of course, that’s to be expected since it’s about surviving in the wilderness, but once you add that layer of gameplay, it makes it so much tougher than it already is. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can go on.

Hoshi- Day 5

Dry Bones: Waluigi, I know it’s never a good idea to trust you with anything, but in case we lose, should we get rid of Daisy?
Waluigi: Why would you wanna vote her out?
Dry Bones: She knows you’ve been making fake Immunity Stars, and she’s also been arguing with a lot of people, despite wanting to keep this group positive. Daisy is getting on my nerves, and it needs to stop.
Waluigi: Then I know the perfect way to get her out as quickly as we can.
Dry Bones: What’s that?
Waluigi: We throw the Immunity Challenge.
Dry Bones: WHAT?
Waluigi: If we throw the Immunity Challenge, Daisy will be gone before you know it.
Dry Bones (confessional): It’s official. My tribe has gone mad.
Dry Bones: I know you wanna get rid of people, and so do I, but right now, we need to just stay together and help each other to survive. Whatever happened to the old-school days?
Waluigi: Old-school days? Seriously? It’s been like 10 years since the focus of this game shifted, and you’re still worried about old-school gameplay? Let me tell you what the current age is about. You see, people who come here want to do this thing known as winning. You know, getting first place and receiving a prize? Do you win Survivor as a team? Nope. You know what else you don’t win by doing? Not watching the show for at least a decade.

Kinoko- Day 5

The first downpour of the season is here. Everyone is huddled up inside the shelter.
Koops: Why did it have to be here?
Wendy: Can you zip it? You’ve been complaining about this all morning.
Koops: I just so happen to be made of paper. If I go out there, I’m pretty much dead.
Wendy: Listen. None of us care.
Mario: Don’t mind her. She’s always been like that.
Wendy: What? No, I haven’t!
Mario: You’ve only been like this for the last sixteen years.
Wendy: I’ve been trying to improve my attitude, but this whiny little koopa isn’t making that easy.
Koops: Whiny? I’m just trying not to die.
Wendy: I’m pretty sure complaining about f**king rain says otherwise.
Koops: Yeah, well, next time you wear a paper bracelet in the rain, watch it soak up and dissolve.
Wendy: That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re the worst at trying to defend your point.
Mario: Can you guys please just stop? All I’m trying to do is relax while waiting for the storm to stop, and you two are fighting over rain and paper. I don’t believe this.
Wendy: Oh, really? Tell me who’s side you’re on.
Mario: I’m with Koops.
Wendy: What? You’re just gonna be happy to stay in here all day?
Mario: Maybe. Maybe not. Just shut up.
Mario (confessional): It’s almost like Wendy is trying to annoy everyone. Though with her being a Koopaling, I’d expect that. All I know is that if she keeps this up, the alliance isn’t gonna work.

Day 6- Immunity Challenge

Cucumber: Come on in, guys!
The two tribes walk into the arena, preparing for their third Immunity Challenge.
Cucumber: Hoshi getting their first look at the new Kinoko tribe. Yoshi was voted out at the last Tribal Council. For today’s challenge, a series of match-ups will see one person from each tribe facing off in a game of Mario 64 trivia. First contestant to answer each question correctly earns a point for their tribe. First tribe to 3 points wins Immunity. The first round is Mario vs. Funky.
Mario and Funky walk up as their tribes cheer them on.
Cucumber: Here is the first question: Who claims to be the fastest in the whole land?
Mario: Koopa the Quick!
Cucumber: Correct! Mario scores a point for Kinoko! That might’ve been easy, but it only gets harder from here. Rosalina, Daisy, you’re next. Here’s the second question: What is the name of the final main star in the game?
Daisy: Rainbow Ride!
Cucumber: Nope. That’s the name of the stage. Rosalina, what do you think the correct answer is?
Rosalina: Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
Cucumber: That’s right. Kinoko gets their second point. The next round is Bowser vs. Waluigi. Here is the third question: When was the exact date Mario 64 was released in the US?
Waluigi: December 17, 1996.
Cucumber: That’s wrong. Bowser, if you can get this one right, your tribe wins the challenge.
Bowser: June 23, 1996.
Cucumber: That is… correct! Kinoko wins Immunity! Well done, Kinoko, you are safe for tonight. As for Hoshi, I’ll see you at Tribal Council later. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Hoshi- Day 6
Dry Bones: Well, you threw the challenge, and now we lost. I hope you're happy.
Waluigi: I am. As soon as we get rid of Daisy, that's one less threat for the merge.
Dry Bones: Listen. i'm all for getting rid of her, but why does it have to be now? Tomorrow, we'll be in a 5-4 minority.
Waluigi: But the merge is coming soon. It will be every man for himself.
Dry Bones: You know what? Fine. We'll get Daisy out tonight, but afterwards, I’ll have my eye on you.
Waluigi: Whatever.

Dry Bones rushes over to Daisy to tell her the news.
Dry Bones: Daisy, Waluigi wants you out. I've wanted you gone for a while, but you're our strongest member, and we need to keep you for as long as we can.
Daisy: Believe me, you'll never get anywhere siding with him.
Dry Bones: So we're getting him out?
Daisy: Depends on what you think is more important.
Dry Bones: What do you mean?
Daisy: If you want to vote off a merge threat, then Waluigi is the way to go. However, if you wanna keep the tribe strong, vote Petey. He's just a bunch of dead weight.
Dry Bones: I vote Petey. All I care about is making sure we keep the wins coming. But don't worry. Waluigi will be soon to follow.

Day 6- Tribal Council

Hoshi walks in, fearing the fate of themselves and their tribe.
Cucumber: Well, you know how it works, so let’s start the vote. Funky, you’re up.
Funky (confessional): You, of all people, cost us the win? That is not cool, man.
Daisy (confessional): Listen. I know this is an individual game, but you either work and win, or lay and lose.
Dry Bones (confessional): I’m starting to doubt my decision, but I have to go with my invisible gut.

Cucumber: I’ll go tally the votes… Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will have to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. First vote… Waluigi. Second vote… Petey. Third vote… Waluigi. Fourth vote… Petey. Third person voted out of Mario Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom… Petey.
Petey brings over his torch, realizing that the tribe’s decision made sense.
Cucumber: Petey, the tribe has spoken. As for the rest of you, I have a surprise tomorrow morning. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.
Here's who voted for who:
Funky- Waluigi
Daisy- Petey
Petey- Waluigi
Dry Bones- Petey
Waluigi- Petey

If I can finish this season, I might make a second. And if that is the case, I already have a cast. (I also learned not to use bright yellow fonts on MKPC.)

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