Ranking The Mario & Luigi Games

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I'm really making this topic for two reasons.

1. I've gotten into the M&L series lately.
2. In respect of this series because of Alphadream filing for bankruptcy.

Keep in mind, I've only played Superstar Saga, Bowser's Inside Story, and Dream Team. So take what I say about Partners In Time and Paper Jam with a nice heaping of salt. And with that let's get on to the ranking.

5. Paper Jam
This really could've been an amazing crossover game. But they chose modern Paper Mario, so all we got was regular paper enemies and no original Paper Mario characters. Plus, there's basically no original Mario & Luigi characters either in this game and the story is pretty bland. Bowser and Paper Bowser steal both Peaches... and that's about it. It's not a bad game, far from it. It just could've been better.

4. Partners In Time

Yep, time traveling to the past, teaming up with your past selves, even though that would destroy the space-time continuum, and stop aliens from evading the past version of the Mushroom Kingdom. Very... unique plot. Nothing really happens in the plot until the end of the game, so eh. Not bad, just not the best game either.

3. Dream Team
Remember that block person from BIS? Well, he lives on an island with people that look exactly like him and the island is themed about... sleeping and that there was an ancient race that were sentient pillows. You go into Green Mario's dreams and mess around in there. Pretty good plot. Also the first 3D M&L game. Just the tutorials are aplenty and they take F O R E V E R. The only bad thing about this game, really.

2. Bowser's Inside Story
Toads get phat, Fawful returns and gives Bowser a mushroom that gives Bowser the power of s u c c

And Mario and Green Mario are stuck inside Bowser's body. Probably the best plot in the series and you get to play as Bowser alot. Also, get the original game, don't get the remake if you're planning on getting this game.

1. Superstar Saga
Mario and Green Mario go to the Beanbean Kingdom and engage in foreign policies when Cackletta and Fawful steal Peach's voice. Come On! is an amazing battle theme and Come On, Again! (the 3DS version) is an amazing boss battle theme. The battling is perfect. Only real complaint is that the final boss does get stupidly hard. Also, get the remake, it's the best way to play this game.

So, that's my opinions on the M&L series. So, what do you think of this franchise?
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In my humble opinion, Bowser's Inside Story is by far the best, I'd go as far as to say it's the best in the entire Mario franchise. It's got a level of charm the other games can't compete with, the music is stunning, the characters were either well written or extremely entertaining and the main mechanic is easily the best in the series.

All the others are good, aside from Paper Jam which really didn't differentiate itself from a standard Mario game story-wise, but every other game is great.

If i had to rank them:
1. Bowser's Inside Story
2. Dream Team
3. Partners in Time
4. Superstar Saga
5. Paper Jam Bros.
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I already made a topic about this, dude. This is the second time you've copied one of my topics.

Anyways, I'd say:

5. BiS bc no
4. Paper Jam for concept alone
3. Superstar Saga because it's really good
2. Partners in Time because it's adorable and incredibly dark at the same time
1. Dream Team because it was my first RPG ever
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I've always had a soft spot for Partners in Time, never got much of the hate for it. If anything, I think the only reason it's forgotten is because it's sandwiched in between 2 other great games, so it gets lost in the shuffle.

The only other one I played in much any capacity was Bowser's Inside Story.
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I sadly never played a Mario and Luigi game, which is disappointing, so I really can't have an opinion here.
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This guy has no limits
I need to make a vid on him

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