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How did you find out about Mario Kart PC?


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Messages 29 - Koopa Koopa
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United States
It was mentioned in a page on the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki, so I googled it, and the rest is history
Messages 220 - Toad Toad
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Just wondered if official computer Mario Kart so I typed "Mario Kart on PC", there was Mario Kart 8 Download but also this masterpiece that is Mario Kart PC
Messages 69 - Boo Boo
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United Kingdom
I found out about this masterpiece from none other than YouTube itself.
Messages 59 - Boo Boo
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United States
How the hell has this become so popular?

Edit: I leave this site and this forum for 2 weeks and it blows up.

P.S. I hate to be this kind of person, but thanks for the popularity on this forum, it is the most popular forum I've made.

P.P.S. Check out my retro tracks forum and give me some ideas. I'd love to to hear what you think would be cool to be added to my multicup.
Messages 163 - Bowser Bowser
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Messages 247 - Toad Toad
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It was part of a challenge in a bfdi camp. The challenge was to get the fastest times in a custom cup.
Messages 2983 - King Mario King Mario
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Man I remember myself on the night of Halloween in 2018, it was late and I was bored qnd went to look for and play low quality mario kart flash games, and then I came upon this website and then the story tells itself from there.
Messages 270 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
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a youtube channel named JoushaDD9000
Messages 12 - Koopa Koopa
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United Kingdom
I wanted to see if there was anything I didn't know about Mario Kart, so I tried to search for Mario Kart facts, but I accidentally pressed Enter after only typing Mario Kart. Surprisingly, this was the third result.
Messages 45 - Koopa Koopa
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United States
I was watching Mariopower55 when I saw him playing it, I thought it looked cool, so I decided to play it.
Messages 151 - Bowser Bowser
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I found out about MKPC by searching "Peach's Garden" cuz I wanted to build some tracks in Minecraft and I then I got in this amazing game
Messages 63 - Boo Boo
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battle5079 pts ★ Novice
I discovered MKPC thanks to youtube I wanted to type F3 fangame 2021 and I came across a trailer

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