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My MKPC Project: Mario Kart: Turbo Racing!


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Hi! Here I Will Present You With This Project & There Will Be 8 Character That Are Unlockable Via Grand Prix & 4 Characters That Will Be Unlockabe Via Challenges!

Here Are The Newcomers:

PIKACHU, The Mouse Pokemon Will Electrify Into The Mario Kart Tournament!

EEVEE, The Evolution Pokemon, This EEVEE Can't Evolve From Items Such As Lightning & Stars

Sonic Speed His Way Into The Multicup & He is Unlocked In The Star Cup!

Knuckles The Echidna, He Was Once Sonic's Enemy But Quickly Reformed & Became Sonic's Friend, He Has Petey's Stats & Can Be Unlocked In The Special Cup!

Fury Bowser Is The Corrupted & Menacing Version Of Bowser & Can Be Unlocked In The Lightning Cup! Like Knuckles, He Has Petey's Stats!

E. Gadd Is Luigi's Paranormal Friend & Researches About Every Portrait Ghost!

Dr. Mario Is In The House! And In This Game, He Is Separate From Mario & Has His Stats!

SLOWKING, The Royal Pokemon Is A Heavyweight Racer & Has The Same Stats As Donkey Kong!

Ness Is A Kid From Onett & Has Link's Stats! He Can Have Good Speed, Good Luck With Him!

Donkey Kong
Koopa Troopa
Daisy (Unlocked In The Mushroom Cup)
Iggy (Unlocked In The Flower Cup)
Donkey Kong Jr. (Unlocked In The Shell Cup)
Birdo (Unlocked In The Banana Cup)
Wiggler (Unlocked In The Leaf Cup)

With 16 Original Tracks & 16 Familiar Tracks From The Mario Kart Series, There Are 32 Tracks In The Game!

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