How MKPC's Anti-Piracy would look (if it'd existed, obviously)

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Messages 23 - Koopa Koopa
Hi everyone, and I have a new thing to discuss.
How MKPC's Anti-Piracy (sorry, Anti-Copying) would look?
Like a few weeks ago, YT was flooded by fake anti-piracy videos, and the most well know is Mario Party DS. You can check it right there:
How it would look in MKPC?

My example:
-You start the game, select Mario and Mushroom Cup.
-Then, you play normally until you reach 2nd lap.
-A  Anti-Copying warning displays and page stops working.
-When that guy reloads the page, everything's working normally...
-Until he tries to try a race again.
-Instead racing on a chosen track, a battle stage appears with Bowser always on Star and Mega Mushroom. Creepy music plays. If he'd fall 3 times, baloon value changes to 3.
-When this guy will lose, game freezes (no crash sound) and Anti-Copying screen appears, but when he reloads the page, the screen is still being shown. The Anti-Copying value is permanently set to 1 and will be saved in the browser's cookies.
Until the hacker will realize, that he can just delete his cookies, a lot of time will pass.
That was my idea, but you can create yours.
Have a good day everyone!

I called the Anti-Piracy screen the Anti-Copying screen because some HTML programmers can copy the game's code into their websites.

PS: I hope Wargor or Link will see this.
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Pretty cool ;)
Messages 2522 - King Mario King Mario
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I had the same idea but we can't do that for one simple thing :

Mario Kart PC hasn't a hack/piracy version yet.

For plus information, ask Toad64 for that,

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