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Most favourite track?


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Messages 18 - Koopa Koopa
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United Kingdom
Enough with the negativity!

What is your most favourite MKPC track? Can be for any reason, all you really need to do is like it A LOT.

Community tracks can also work too! You're not stuck with just vanilla.
Messages 220 - Toad Toad
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Name : Cloudtop Cruise
Creator : Toad64
Messages 131 - Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle
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United States
Cheese Land & Lakeside park
Reason: The music goes hard
Messages 116 - Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle
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United States
toad's factory paf
Messages 280 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
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Favorite official MKPC track; Luigi Circuit. It's a lot of fun to drift on. So many corners...

No idea what my favorite custom track is. There are just so many good ones!:D
Messages 9229 - King Mario King Mario
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My favorite base game track would be either Delfino Square or Tick Tock Clock. Delfino Square wins in visuals and Tick Tock Clock wins in gameplay but both are really close to each other in both domains so I can't really choose. The reason ? They are both run tracks, so results tend to show real effort and skill instead of just who got the best items and who got the powerful items to make everyone go in the off-road and spin around because they were hit. KB2, as an example, is based on luck. If you get hit by many items and fall off, it might be done for you, but if you have all the right items it just goes smooth. I also genuinely enjoy both tracks. It's just as it is I guess.

About the custom ones, it depends. Every member has their own style so it's hard. I'd say RHcks has the most solid trackography since all of his tracks are hits and he rarely misses the mark. Fways has evolved a lot I think and that's why his tracks feel more... touching ? Toad64 has official looking tracks that are really polished. Starl and Mudky deserve to be mentioned somewhere too. Ahmad too, even if I'm not a pixelart type of guy. They all have their best tracks, although if I had to pick ONE I'd say Nightlife City or N64 Rainbow Road by RHcks. Lol, that's two though.
Edit : also I'm so silly I forgot BowserJr03, some of his tracks are incredible too.
Messages 2881 - King Mario King Mario
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Favorite official track: DS Bowser's Castle

Favorite custom track: IDK because didn't played custom tracks in a while but I saw many members making an amazing use of Paint.net
Messages 603 - Mario Mario
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Airship fortress.

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