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Hi, I'm @Titanicboy2005, I am single, I am friendly, kind, intelligent, and I love everything Titanic, Ghostbusters, and Super Mario. Have a Great Day - Titanicboy2005
United States
15 years old (Born on 09/12/2005)
Registered since 20/01/2021
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Ryubix wrote:
That's some good news to see members getting more and more involve to develop the website! But I will ask you to wait a little bit before officially doing that...

Why? It's simple, we, the MKPC Council (Wargor, the administrators, and the moderators) should probably discuss about whether or not we should add MKPC to an important 3rd party website.

MKPC is a fangame, and we all know how Nintendo LOVES fangames... R.I.P. Pokémon Uranium, R.I.P. the Super Smash Bros Melee competitive fanbase, etc...

Our goal is to develop peacefully our game far away from Nintendo, to avoid getting deleted in the literal sense of it.

Thank you for your will to help us, but before doing anything to promote MKPC like you would like to do, let us debate about it for some days, because I think you understand when I meant we can be sued by Nintendo at any given moment.

This is good news btw (this is Jack Dawson 1 don't ban me plz)
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and please don't ban me again I love the site but once again I am begging you please do not have me banned - Titanicboy2005
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