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Messages 30 - Koopa Koopa
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Killulely wrote:
Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I didn't do a topic of this kind, and I felt like doing it with a game I've been playing a lot lately ; Mario Kart Wii.
Well anyways, let's get into it !

Luigi Circuit
This track is really simple. For a beginner track, it can be pleasing, fun (it's got an easy shortcut and an harder shortcut, some boosts, some nice turns), but when you start to get better at the game, you kind of lose your love for this track. It becomes very forgettable, very easy, even if it's pretty fun I guess. It's not that bad but it's still boring. 2/5.

Moo Moo Meadows
My dad thinks this course is easy since 2019 and I have more trouble racing on this than on DK Summit (and that's for real).
I seem to be attached to the Moo Moos to the point where I'm hugging them at every race. It has gotten annoying, since while I'm doing this they're eating my item. There's plenty of grass though, notably those grass patches who will always cause me trouble at the end. If you take a ramp, you won't see the patch waiting for you down below. And trust me, I lost some ranks because of this. Anyways, it's a pretty fun track, nothing to get crazy about, but still a bit more creative and a bit funnier. 3/5.

Mushroom Gorge
This track is one of the funniest Wii tracks and one of the most satisfying tracks in the whole franchise. It is really good for a Mushroom Cup track, it's fairly easy but it has got its part of challenge and the difficulty climbs during the level, as an example given the mushrooms are found in three big sections. The beginning
which is a pretty easy shortcut and a simple Mushroom to bounce on. Then it becomes a split path where you can avoid the mushrooms if you're not fine with it. It's also easier to fall. Then you end up in the cave, where you'll be obligated to touch the mushrooms whatsoever. And trust me, a bad turn or a missed jump can cost more than you think. And at the end there's cute Goombas waiting for you to cut through the grass patch or to take the turn tightly. It's really a fun and creative track, with an amazing setting and a lot of creativity. Oh, and this track would've sucked without the tricks. 5/5

Toad's Factory
I don't play much on this track. It's pretty good in terms of challenge, especially with the mud patch at the end being able to change everything in a couple of seconds. It has gotten an incredible theming, that's the least I can say. MKWii's Nitros were so creative I swear. This circuit has a great structure, starting off easily with conveyors and crushers. Then, you'll have to carefully avoid boxes going left to right and not getting dragged away by the conveyors. There's also two conveyors before the final section ; and as you pop out of the factory, a grand and exciting music pops out, ending where a huge mud patch is placed. If you miss the boosts, then you're done for ! What a fun track. Easily a 5/5.

GCN Peach Beach
Peach Beach is kinda boring tbh. But it's still a cute track. The tides slowly covering the beach, then going away  then going back... the Cataquacks, even if they're pieces of garbage (and you haven't played the Watermelon Festival yet 😂), they add some challenge. If those freaking ducks weren't here
the beach would be so empty and boring. At least it references Mario Sunshine well. And I love hearing the Pianta voices near the town. I'm a sucker for Piantas. their main error was deleting the warp pipe, but everything else is fine, even if it's kinda boring. 3/5.

DS Yoshi Falls
This track is overhated. It has gotten a gorgeous scenery and nobody has ever mentioned that. It's pretty shocking tbh. I can understand, the track is a boring loop, no variety in gameplay, not much challenges... it's still beautiful and a fun track. I mean, there is boosts, there is some ramps, some waterfalls... the scenery is beautiful... so yes, it's boring. But it's But it's very overhated. Objectively though, I'll have to go with a 2/5.

SNES Ghost Valley 2
Not an amazing track. The track is flat, okay that's for nostalgia but that's still sorta... boring. I mean, there is an interesting shortcut, some challenge without being too hard and frustrating... but aside from that, let's be honest. It's a flat bridge in the darkness with some border blocks that fall off when you hit them.

N64 Mario Raceway
Shell Cup has got everything, the one which takes what it deserves (Peach Beach), the overhated one (Yoshi Falls), the overrated one (Ghost Valley 2) and the underrated one (Mario Raceway).
I'll gladly say it again, this track is underrated. The turns are nice and are pretty challenging for a beginner and pretty easy for better players. There is actually a lot of shortcuts you can take, and I love that big pipe at the end. Sure, it's pretty boring, but it's still a sold track. 4/5.

I'll be covering other tracks tomorrow, I'm too tired to cover more today.

After doing all the nitro mkwii tracks, you should talk about the ctgp mkwii tracks :P
Messages 30 - Koopa Koopa
vs29877 pts ★ Legend
battle6588 pts ★ Racer
United Kingdom
Messages 30 - Koopa Koopa
vs29877 pts ★ Legend
battle6588 pts ★ Racer
United Kingdom
fasbleth you're letting me down here...

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