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Name: jonatan
Country: Belgium
Started playing 15/03/2020
Discord: jonatan
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Hi everyone, I started playing this game a few days ago and I'm really liking it. I used to play this with my cousing on the SNES when I was just a little kid and it brings up great memories! So thanks to the good people who made this website.

I have an issue though. I'd like to climb up the leaderboard for the Time Trials, but everyone else just seems to drive soo much faster!! I don't understand why this is. I've been honing my craft, but I can't even get close to top 20. When I look at some of these ghosts, they're not even driving well at all, but their kart just moves way faster.

Can anyone explain to me what's going on here?


(Also, to everyone, please stay indoors and meet with as few people as possible because of the Corona virus. It's really important that we do not overburden the hospital system right now! Anyone who gets sick because of carelessness is putting other people's lives at risk.)

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