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FANTASY VII REMAKE (abbreviation: FFVII remake, FF7 remake) is a game software that is scheduled to be released from Square Enix on March 3, 2020, except in mainland China [2]. It will be released in advance from PlayStation 4 (PS4) [3].
This is a full remake of Final Fantasy VII (FFVII, hereafter referred to as the original version), the seventh of the final series of the Final Fantasy series released on PlayStation in 1997. ]. The first work scheduled to be released in March 2020 will be a deeply drawn content of Midgaru, which is the beginning of the original version, and the story will be up to Midgar escape


Although many minor revisions and spin-offs of "FFVII" have been released since the release of the original version, this work is a "remastered version" (the main part graphic Is upgraded to the current generation model level), unlike the game design level, it is a complete (full) remake.

Scenarios are in the works, but Tetsuya Nomura, director, says that it will not break users' memories.

The exact number of episodes has not yet been decided as of June 2019, and producer Yoshinori Kitase commented on the interview that "we still don't know." The first package version is PS4's first 2-disc software

The demand for remakes from users was high, and Square Enix had talked about remakes several times. Since many of the company's titles will be released on PS4, the release has been decided to support the spread of PS4. Nomura also cited the fact that developers are getting older.

In addition, unlike the original version, the latest video battle scene is an action battle like "Final Fantasy XV" while adopting commands.

(History and development status)


Announced on June 16 at E3 2015 in Los Angeles, North America. At the time of the announcement, there was a standing ovation and a huge response.

On December 5, the official title was decided as "Final Fantasy VII Remake" (until then, it was called "Final Fantasy VII (provisional)";). At the same time, it was announced that it would be a separate crop.

On February 6, the original PS4 ported version will be distributed as download-only software to commemorate the decision to release this product.


This product was included in the software group announced as "Titles to be released sequentially in the next three years" at Square Enix Holdings' March quarterly earnings announcement on May 11
On May 27, the company announced that it would shift from joint development with an external studio to internal development by Square Enix itself. External studios that had been involved in the development so far included Cyber Connect Two and others.


In March, we began recruiting new development staff to further improve quality.

In June, Nomura revealed that he was "already out of the early stages of conception."


On May 10, a new promotion video for the first time in about four years will be released. At the same time, announced in June that detailed information will be lifted.

On June 9th (Japan Time 10th), at a concert "FFVII A Symphonic Reunion" held in Los Angeles, it was announced that it would be released worldwide (excluding mainland China) on March 3, 2020.


On March 3, "Final Fantasy VII Remake" (first work) will be released.



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ES_B_C I remember that i played FF on SNES but not FFVII
On 2020-02-01 at 22:52:50
Shu_N (Notice) Release was postponed on April 10, the same year.
On 2020-02-01 at 22:47:15
Link-Triforce-8 The new theme song by the singer of Survive said the prophet is nice ^^
On 2020-02-01 at 11:40:39
hoppingicon Oh yeah this thing. I don't play FF7 but I love the theme of J-E-N-O-V-A and Crazy Motorcycle Chase. Hope to hear those again!
On 2020-01-27 at 23:38:32
Shu_N After watching this news, please let me know if you notice anything
On 2020-01-19 at 22:04:03

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