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Challenges completed by -Alyssa-

Pixel Racer: Beginner Class

Pixel Circuit : Complete the track in less than 1:45 in Time Trial mode, in 150cc class

Easy Easy
By MK_Pixel

Mission 1-3: Geometry Dash Reference

Bewildering Beehive : Jump on the yellow and pink orbs

Easy Easy
By ChocoM1lk

Thinking Outside The Box

Are You A CPU? (Level 1) : Reach the ending before the timer runs out in VS mode, in less than 1s, with 25 participants

Difficult Difficult
By MKPixel

The Hardest Challenge, totally

Mario Roll : Complete the track in less than 15s in Time Trial mode

Extreme Extreme

Merci de votre vote

Waluigi’s TacoStand : Mettez 5/5

Easy Easy
By Mudky

Luigi Wins by doing Absolutely Nothing.

Auto Arena : Finish the game in the 1st position without turning , without drifting, without touching the walls, without falling, without going backwards, with Luigi

With 8 participants

Easy Easy
By Kirby Boy

Best Planet Ever

Mario Kart 4 (O) - Rainbow Road (Remake) : Visit Planet Roca Picuda

Medium Medium
By BowserJr03

2-2 ~ Freezing Pain

Vanilla Valley Village : Destroy 10 snowmen in VS mode, in 150cc class, in less than 1:00

Medium Medium
By Senko & Lely

Night 3

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza : Finish the game in the 1st position with 4 participants, with Night Guard, in less than 6:00, having CPUs starting with 3 balloons

Medium Medium
By Dietsoda

Toad Rescue Service

Luigi Circuit : Rescue Toad and make it down Safely with Toad, without falling

Easy Easy
By Miles

Hidden Zone In The Mall

Coconut Mall : Reach The Zone In The Coco Garden in Time Trial mode

Easy Easy
By Lizzy

World 8-4 : Jump through the painting (Mario 64 Style)

Easy Easy
By TheOuchy1

Mission 1-5: Chaos Unleashed

GCN Baby Park : Finish in the 1st position in VS mode

In difficult mode

Medium Medium
By Coolio63

Mission 1-2: Beat that Car

Rage Road : Beat the Blue Car in a Race in Time Trial mode, by starting with 25s delay, in less than 55s

Easy Easy
By Coolio63

Mission 1.1: Blast to the Lonely Mushroom!

Pixel Peaks : Find the mushroom in Time Trial mode

Easy Easy
By Coolio64

Mission 1-3: Steal the Coins (Note, use the boost jump to get that one coin out of bounds)

Airship Armada: Complete Edtion : Collect all coins in Time Trial mode

Easy Easy
By Coolio63

1-2 ~ Stowaway

Sunrise Beach : Get on the boat in VS mode, in less than 30s

Difficult Difficult
By Max-Bros

Party Pooper

Town With No Name : Destroy all Piano Bones

Easy Easy
By Kernell

Dont touch anything

Forest Fortress : Pass through the zones in Time Trial mode, without touching any Wreaking ball, Chomp, tree, Fire, fire plant, Thwomp, Monty Mole, Goomba nor puddle

Easy Easy
By Coolio63

<p style="color:#2e90db;">Test :)</p>

Veethan's W I D E Rainbow : Test the circuit (so I can test how to make challenges SuperCoppin style)

Easy Easy
By BowserJr03

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