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Challenges completed by lemon_cat_MKPC

Collect Coins

Mario Circuit 5 : Collect all coins in Time Trial mode, in less than 50s

Easy Easy
By FlappyCat34

esquive de maître

desert timbré : Complete the track in VS mode, in 200cc class, without touching any Pokey, fire snake nor tree

Medium Medium
By totovidéo

Collector 2

Minus Mario Track 1 : Collect 24 coins

Easy Easy
By Lowo_TV

Challenge 9

Hyrule Plains : Pass All Of The Checkpoints in Time Trial mode, in less than 1:00

Easy Easy
By AngryBirdFan

I thought the road was closed

Red Circuit 19 : Find a shortcut even if the road is blocked

Easy Easy
By Madden Duda

Perfrom 6 Power-Slide Turbo Boosts In 3 Lap!

ZX Wii Coconut Mall SNES : Complete the track by performing 6 Super Mini-Turbos

Easy Easy

Cue Ball Circuit : Collect all coins

Easy Easy
By srPerez

Bridged Box Challenge

Bridged Islands : Complete 1 lap around the track without touching any box

Easy Easy
By DudeGamer64


Luigi's Mansion : Complete the track with Luigi

Easy Easy

Mission 1-2

pac man beach : Collect 30 coins without drifting

With 8 participants

Easy Easy
By yascamer

Delays? What are those?

Mario Circuit 5 : Complete the track without touching any oil spill nor pipe

Easy Easy
By CraftBlade240

Monty Mole Infestation

Tokyo Blur : Destroy all Monty Moles in VS mode, with Peach

Easy Easy
By MasterMario

Pipe Problem

Crossed Street : Destroy all pipes in 200cc class, in VS mode, in less than 1:30, without drifting

Easy Easy
By JacobC

Goomba Infested Clover

Quick Clover Road : Destroy all Goombas in less than 1:30

Easy Easy
By DudeGamer64

Take 1 step, and then again!

DO THE MARIO! : Finish the game

Easy Easy
By LuigiDawg


DO THE MARIO! : Test the Arena!

Easy Easy
By LuigiDawg

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