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Tell Me What Race Tracks You Have!


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Messages 1239 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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battle8450 pts ★ Expert
United States
I don't make race tracks that much, but i like to see yours! ;)
Messages 2224 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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battle11785 pts ★ Champion
I'm not going to talk about all my circuits in quick mode, it would take too long
My projects in complete mode are Max Kart Quicklete Fusion and Max Kart World, projects you should check out (because it's cool)
Messages 1327 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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battle12446 pts ★ Champion
i have mk8 (quick mode) and mario kart 16. both of them are wip
Messages 623 - Mario Mario
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battle8186 pts ★ Expert
United States
I have lots but I'm gonna show 3
1: boo boardwalk 1
2:toad raceway (complete)
3:waluigis arcade
Messages 442 - Metal Luigi Metal Luigi
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Mode complet  ctgp revoulution 2.0 english  the quick mode is ctgp revoulution  2.0
Messages 593 - Mario Mario
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United Kingdom
basically no everything I have sucks
Messages 3884 - King Mario King Mario
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United Kingdom
MH_osc-omb wrote:
basically no everything I have sucks

Disagreed. I think your tracks are good (well except that one track...)

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