Whos your main in smash ultimate?

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Messages 1 - Goomba Goomba
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i main joker and roy
Messages 10 - Koopa Koopa
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pikachu, kirby, luigi.
Messages 763 - Mario Mario
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KirboLand wrote:
Link is actually very good if you know how to play as him.

yeah thats why is use him.

also is Lucario a good character?

cuz my friend ALWAYS uses him and I beat him just about every time....... with Link
Messages 6 - Goomba Goomba
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Ness, and Lucas. Sometimes Pit and Dark Pit.
Messages 2 - Goomba Goomba
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MIne is probably hero, dark pit and sonic. YOu have to buy hero and also joker.
Messages 168 - Bowser Bowser
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Mario, Wario, Link, Steve, Cloud and Sephiroth.

FUN FACT: Sephiroth was a Villain from Final Fantasy VII.

I know even though I never played it.
Messages 115 - Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle
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Down+B is fun, he can practically fly, and you can break people's charging moves from a distance or save yourself from a fall with the up+b move.

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