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Messages 16 - Koopa Koopa
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United Kingdom
I like Mario kart games
In fact Mario kart Wii (my first Mario kart and game) is the second best-selling Mario game (beaten by super Mario bros.)  
Mario kart is fun
And this is a fun version
Now every one can make tracks without CTGP
and the community makes great tracks
Oh and characters as well
I use a custom character
And I like how you could use any music on YouTube as your end of race theme
It's just fun :)
toadtoad bravo
It is a dream come true
To have custom characters
Custom tracks Without modding you're Wii with a new channel that you need the homebrew channel to get
Messages 279 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
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Oh no, I spot a multipost
Messages 273 - Toadsworth Toadsworth
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InfiNate wrote:
Oh no, I spot a multipost

It's not so bad, it is only 17 posts in a row...
Messages 855 - Mario Mario
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@Shy--guy, I had to gather all your posts in one.
You also got a warn for multiposting in many different topics.
If you want to talk bit by bit and add things, you can either modify your original post or say it all at the beginning.

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