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KrazeyKay wrote:
16Bits wrote:
KrazeyKay wrote:
16Bits wrote:
KrazeyKay wrote:
16Bits wrote:
Remove nothing and add everything.

Removing nothing is physically impossible, & following the rules of the game, you can't add anything unless you remove something.

Remove that comment ^^^ and add Paratroopa

Remove Paratroopa & add the Double Dash roster

Remove Mario and add Red Koopa Troopa (Freerunning)

Remove everyone and add the Mario Kart Tour roster.
All of the Koopas you could possibly want are in there, you done now?

There are also 7 trillion alts for people to remove, that should make things easier for more people to get what they want.
But I swear that anyone who removes Captain Toadette...
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I've completely lost interest in trying to keep up with this topic, and I hoped that this topic would just die...

But no.

At this point, I'd rather not keep getting notifications about people not knowing nor reading the original message of the topic.

I'm locking this topic, so sorry to those who liked this topic for whatever reason, even though there were much better game topics out there.

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