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A hack of Super Mario Kart named "Super Earthbound Kart" disappeared a long time ago. I want to make my own "Super Earthbound Kart" in MKPC.

Here are the cups:

Alpha Cup:

Onett: Done!
Twoson: Not done!
Peaceful Rest Valley: Not done!
Happy Happy Village: Not done!

Beta Cup:

Threed: Done!
Grappefruit Falls / Master Blech's Factory: Not done!
Saturn Valley: Done!
Fourside: Done!

Omega Cup:

Moonside: Not done!
Winters: Not done!
Scaraba: Not done!
Deep Darkness: Not done!

Gamma Cup:

Dalaam: Not done!
Lost Underworld/Fire Spring: Not done!
Cave Of The Past: Not done!
Magicant: Not done!

I must be ONETT with all of you, I don't have TWOSONS. I even waited for THREED hours at the FOURSIDE of the box that I live in, but more exactly on SATURN.
That pun doesn't make any sense and it's really bad. Sorry.
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No need to push it. I don't really work on the project right now. :p

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