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Perfect Challenge


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Messages 157 - Bowser Bowser
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You know how people were trying to get a perfect SpongeBob popsicle? Well, I've came up with something. It's like the popsicle challenge, but with Lucky Charms. You know how there is 8 different marshmallows in Lucky Charms? Well, they never look like the marshmallows on the front of the box. So, I challenge all of you to find a perfect heart, star, horseshoe, clover, blue moon, unicorn, rainbow, and red balloon marshmallow.
Messages 170 - Bowser Bowser
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United States
That well take years so I can't do it
Messages 10735 - King Mario King Mario
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It's kinda useless as a topic, you could have done it on Space for anything :s

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