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Hoi i am temmie and if you are reading my name is probably changeds to something else because im doens with Mario kart pc. theers many reasons why im stepings away. part of its is becous the facts that i realy didnts lieks the community anymoars. i was the underdogs and i was just hateds. yeah realy i justs gots sick of the comunitys. another reasons why i am stepings away is because i needs to get my liefs together so i can go outs into the worlds and be an workings membr of society. i donts want to do this but it is whats it is. so thanks you so much to my 62 folwers who almosts gots me to numbr one in the worlds buts that wonts evr happens. anyway this was just a unfortunate ands forgettable legacy of some ones who hads a lots of potential comings heer ands just blowings it. thanks you all for stickings around and i will possibly see you guys soemtimes in the futur
United States
16 years old (Born on 14/04/2003)
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Messages 1003 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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Je suis de retour ;)
I'm back ;)


now its times to gets the other admins onlins more
Messages 1003 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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do I counts becaus I am a joks in general
Messages 1003 - Golden Mario Golden Mario
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JamBurger wrote:
Ok, then...so...I will most likely be quite inactive for a couple of weeks...don't kill me...I have a reason...

Spoiler [ShowHide]
I dropped my phone in the loo that's why.

I won't be able to talk to you on Discord often either.
voyons.....alors.....je vais être plus inactif pour quelques semaines.....mais ne me tuez pas....j'ai une raison...

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j'ai laissé tomber mon portable dans la toilette O_o

..........je ne vais pas pouvoir parler avec vous sur discord souvent aussi.........

rips phon

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