There are 30 second(s) left to choose the next race

There are 10 second(s) left to choose the teams

  Move : Arrows
Use object : Spacebar
OR : Left click
Jump/drift : Ctrl
Gonfler un ballon : Maj
Rear/Front view : X
Quit : Escape

Mario Kart PC
Challenge up to 8 players in 6 game modes !
In the Grand Prix tournaments, win 5 cups of 4 races in order to unlock the 9 secret characters !
With the Time trial mode, break the other players' records and become world champion !
In VS races, confront CPUs and/or a friend on not less than 20 races !
On battle mode, destroy your opponents' balloons in fierce fighting !
With the track builder, create as many circuits and courses as you want, with your imagination the only limit !
On online mode, compete against players from around the world and climb in the rankings !