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Mario Kart Tour: Bowser Tour (2023)

In Mobile by VulpixTails
Published on 2023-05-03 at 06:39:42
The Bowser Tour is the ninety-fifth tour of Mario Kart Tour, which begins on May 3, 2023 and ends on May 16, 2023.
We FINALLY got a SNES Bowser Castle course, that being Bowser Castle 3!

In addition, GBA Bowser’s Castle 4 is back too as well as the R/T variant of RMX Bowser’s Castle 1, unfortunately there is no T or R/T variant of GBA Bowser’s Castle 4 or new drivers but we got Mii Racing Suits based on the Koopalings!

The trailers are here:

New content:

Mii Racing Suits (Wave 31):
Larry Mii Racing Suit
Iggy Mii Racing Suit
Roy Mii Racing Suit
Ludwig Mii Racing Suit

Next Mii Racing Suits (Wave 32):
Lemmy Mii Racing Suit
Morton Mii Racing Suit

Black Jingle Bell
Gold Sushi Racer
Dry Bones Dasher

Gold Manta Glider
Roy Oilpaper

SNES Bowser Castle 3 (N, R, T, R/T)
GBA Bowser's Castle 4 (N, R)
RMX Bowser's Castle 1 (R/T)

Here are some screenshots:

That’s all for now, this will be updated when the tour begins!

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KirbyBoy R.I.P. GBA Bowser Castle 4 T and R/T. And 3DS Rock Rock Mountain R/T.
On 2023-10-30 at 14:09:26
jimmy_winner_111 which tour is after the bowser tour
On 2023-07-11 at 22:15:10
Chisp I Am SO Glad That Nintendo Didn't Replace A Cool Big Jump With A Boring Glider Section! If N64 Wario Stadium Comes To Mario Kart Tour (I Estimate About The Year 20XX) They Might Keep The Big Jump.
On 2023-05-11 at 20:33:55
Chisp GBA Bowser's Castle 4 Won't Be Added To The BCP Due To Sunset Wilds Being In The Banner And Its Music That Was Found In The Files Of MK8D. Although SNES Bowser Castle 3 Makes Sense As It Is Probably The Same Temperature As Summer
On 2023-05-11 at 20:31:34
BrainAneurysm There is one GBA track per wave so obviously they're gonna add Bowser's Castle 4
Or Sunset Wilds
On 2023-05-06 at 09:50:37
SuperYoshiKart I think Bowser's Castle 3 will obviously be in the BCP for sure because the SNES courses in MKT don't change a lot ,but this one changes a lot and we haven't had a Bowser's Castle in the whole game even the the main game dosen't have a bowser's castle.
On 2023-05-06 at 02:34:37
KirbyBoy Big Steelies.
On 2023-05-04 at 13:45:15
skymin Looks really great
On 2023-05-03 at 18:51:42
BrainAneurysm Ain't it neat ?
On 2023-05-03 at 17:29:53
Spaced_Out They have Steel Pinballs
On 2023-05-03 at 15:56:51
KirbyBoy I'm Shocked they Didn't add a Glider Ramp at the Jump over the Road. And I'm still Supprised they Didn't add the T and R/T Variant of GBA Bowser Castle 4. And I Made a News of this Long before the TOUR Came Out.
On 2023-05-03 at 14:34:01
BrainAneurysm Tested it and it's INCREDIBLE !!!

I tested the tour
On 2023-05-03 at 10:00:11
ItzD4rk It looks sick
On 2023-05-03 at 07:33:16

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