Decor editor

Welcome to the decors editor!
With this mode, you can create your own decors and use them in the complete mode of the track builder.
To create your decor, you need 2 things:
  • Choose a decor type, which defines its behavior. If you select the thwomp Thwomp for example, your decor will behave exactly like the thwomp of MKPC (goes up slowly and falls down quckly).
  • Create an image (via a drawing software) containing the decor sprite(s) in order to give it the appearance you want. You can also take decors shared by other members on this forum topic.
For example, the Piranha plant is modelled by the following image:
Plant Sprite
Thus, if you select this type, you must provide an image with the 4 sprites aligned in the same way.
You don't have to keep the same dimensions as the original sprite, but all your sprites should be the same size (in particular, in the example above, your image width must be a multiple of 4).
For more information about how sprites work, go to the character editor which functions on the same principle.

New decor

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